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10 Favorite Design Ideas to Steal from Vintage Kitchens - BuydeemUS

10 Favorite Design Ideas to Steal from Vintage Kitchens

Old is new again as vintage kitchen decor is seeing a resurgence in popularity. These traditional kitchen designs are perfect for creating a comfortable space that you’ll want to spend time in. 

There’s a reason vintage decor remains popular decade after decade. This also means your kitchen will look timeless and have a broad appeal. What’s nice about modern decor is that you can have all of the conveniences of modern materials and manufacturing with the beautiful styling of vintage design. 

Try out these ten vintage kitchen decor ideas in your home and give your kitchen a stylish yet lived-in feel. 

Popular Vintage Kitchen Decor Ideas 

1. Vintage-Inspired Appliances 

Vintage-looking appliances are on the rise right now. They feature bold colors, large knobs, and metal trim. Hidden behind the carefully styled front is all of the modern technology you crave. This gives you the best of both worlds. 

Replace your modern and sleek stainless steel appliances with vintage-inspired ones. The Buydeem Four-Slice Bread Toaster is a perfect example of modern convenience wrapped in vintage styling. Its outside is a fresh mint green with large knobs and stainless steel accents. For versatility, there are seven shade levels and preset settings to choose from. 

2. Apron Front Sink

The classic farmhouse sink is one that has an apron front. This is when you can see the front of the sink in line with the counter and cabinets; instead of having it sunk into a hole in the middle of the counter. 

Not only will these sinks give your kitchen a vintage feel, but they’re incredibly handy. Look for one with a large and deep basin for extra room while doing dishes. A flat space on one side will give you an area for setting out a drying rack. 

3. Pastel Colors 

Vintage kitchen features light and cheery colors, such as pastels. You can create a bright and welcoming environment in your kitchen with a pastel color. This creates a warmer feel than having an all-white kitchen. The most popular colors are robin’s egg blue, mint green, blush pink, or delicate lemon. 

4. Butcher Block

Anyone who loves to cook will tell you that butcher block is the best and most durable surface for cooking on. Butcher block is a method of assembling wood that requires the wood to be glued together with the cross-grain used as the exposed part. 

Typically, hardwood is used for the assembly. This includes teak, hard maple, walnut, or birch. You can use butcher block in your kitchen by placing a cutting board on the counter, mobile island, table, or even countertop. 

5. Plate and Teacup Displays 

People used to have a set of everyday flatware and another set of fine china for special occasions. While you wouldn’t use your large platters and china often, that didn’t mean it had to be tucked away in a dark cabinet. People would put the beautiful artistry of their fine china on display with racks. 

You can build one in your kitchen on an empty wall or cabinet end to display your teacup collection or serving trays. All you need are dowels and hooks. If you don’t have decorative trays or plates, you could use this space to display your cutting board collection. 

6. Touch of Elegance 

Add a touch of elegance to your vintage kitchen décor. Pieces that would normally be very ornate or fancy become more approachable when they have a bit of age to them. They retain elegance but have a more approachable feel. Add vintage elegance to your kitchen with a chandelier, woven rug, or fine china. 

You can also add elegance to your kitchen with vintage-inspired appliances. Their beautiful craftsmanship adds a sense of elegance and style to your kitchen. The Buydeem appliances are a perfect example of this. They have elegant lines, large controls, soft colors, and expertly crafted stainless steel accents. 

7. Subway Tiles 

Subway tiles are smooth and shiny bright white rectangular tiles. These simple yet elegant tiles were first used in the 1920s. They have come and gone through the decades but never fully disappeared from vintage kitchen décor. With the popularity of vintage decor on the rise, subway tiles have also become more popular. Use them on your kitchen walls or as a backsplash. 

8. Vertical Decor 

Classic interior design understood the importance of using the vertical space in your home. Modern decor tends to forget this with long and low modern designs. Embrace vintage kitchen décor in your kitchen by using vertical decorative elements. 

You could have a three-tiered tea caddy sitting on your counter. Use it to organize your spices or turn it into a coffee station. Hang a two-tiered plant hanger from the ceiling and use it to hold fresh produce. 

9. Enamelware

Modern enamelware looks vintage but has modern durability. The Buydeem Enameled  Cast Iron Dutch Oven works just like a vintage cast iron Dutch oven but is beautiful and easier to clean. Unlike traditional vintage cast iron, this is a Dutch oven that you can proudly put on display in your kitchen. Place it on a floating shelf and give your kitchen a vintage farmhouse feel. 

The durable no chip coating won’t scratch or chip from your cooking utensils. You can use your Dutch oven for broiling, braising, roasting, and table serving. It comes in soft mint green or pale blue, making it perfect for your vintage kitchen color scheme. 

10. Vintage Signs 

Give your kitchen a sense of authenticity with vintage signs. They could be from well-known brands or from companies that are no longer in business. Look for signs that have a food theme, such as a produce or another food supplier. You can also create comfort with signs from brands that everyone grew up with. 

Benefits of an Inviting Kitchen 

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Creating a warm, welcoming, and comfortable place makes people want to spend time in your kitchen. The more time you spend in your kitchen, the more opportunity you have to connect and bond with those you care about most. 

Smart Storage 

Intelligent storage solutions keep your kitchen organized and easier to work in. They also keep your countertops clear from appliances cluttering up the space. Add retractable drawers to your cabinets. This makes it easier to get your appliances in and out of the cabinets.  

Countertop Space 

Look for kitchen appliances that have a small footprint. A small footprint means the appliance won’t take up too much room on your counter. This is perfect for keeping your counters looking organized. 

They should also be multi-functional. This limits the amount of clutter on your countertops. Having clean, organized, and spacious counters will give your kitchen an open and inviting feel. 

Intelligent Appliances 

Having intelligent appliances in your kitchen makes it easier to prepare meals. It also makes your life easier. The Buydeem intelligent appliances get to work so that you can get back to living your life while they take care of the cooking. 

You could heat water to the ideal temperature in 60 seconds with the Buydeem Instant Temperature Water Boiler. Or steam your entire meal in the Buydeem Two-Tier All-in-One Intelligent Steamer. It will monitor the water level and automatically shut off if it runs out.

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