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Genius Ways to Arrange Your Kitchen Appliances - BuydeemUS

Genius Ways to Arrange Your Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen organization is about more than just the way it looks. Sure, those empty counters look pristine and help your kitchen to look larger. However, they also make it safer and easier to cook in your kitchen. 

The open counters give you plenty of space to spread out and prepare your meals. You also have enough space without worrying about hurting yourself or damaging your appliance. No one wants to accidentally cut themselves or bump an appliance off of the counter. 

This guide will show you how to organize a small kitchen. 

Benefits of Small Kitchen Organization

When you have a small kitchen, available storage space is limited. This makes it vital that you optimize the space you have available. Otherwise, you’ll end up with several kitchen appliances cluttering up your counters. 

Not only will this look messy, but you’ll have to move them out of the way anytime you need counter space. 

When you organize a small kitchen, you streamline the appliances that you own. This minimal approach actually makes preparing meals easier and faster. When all of your kitchen appliances perform multiple tasks, there are fewer appliances to dig through in your cabinets. The more often you use these appliances, the more familiar you’ll become. This will make it easier to use them when you need them. 

How to Save Space, Organize, and Improve Your Kitchen 

How you organize your small kitchen will depend on how you like to cook and your eating habits. Prioritize the small appliances that you use the most. This keeps everything readily available for your daily cooking needs. If you decide to keep an appliance or two on your counter, look for ones that are beautiful. That way, they enhance the look of your kitchen.  

Group By Use 

The first step in organizing your kitchen is to group together your kitchen appliances by how often you use them. Try to create three groups, use frequently, use rarely, and use never. If you have limited kitchen storage space, then you’ll want to optimize the appliances you keep. 

Perhaps you have three appliances in your rarely used group that you could replace with a single small appliance that replaces them. Focus on only owning appliances that perform several functions. 

Reduce Appliances 

The next step is to get rid of appliances you never or rarely ever use. This sounds simple but is often the hardest step for people. Typically, it includes kitchen appliances that only perform one specialty function. Rice cookers, egg poachers, and juicers typically fall into this category. Don’t get carried away with this step. If you have a single-use kitchen appliance that you use all of the time, don’t get rid of it. 

You could host a garage sale or donate your old appliances. Throw away anything that can’t be used or is unsanitary for someone to use. Appliances should be clean and in good working order. 

Eliminate Cabinet Clutter 

Now that you have your collection of appliances that you’ll keep, it’s time to arrange your cabinets. Wrap or tuck the cords away to keep them neat in the cabinet. Keep all manuals in a file or save them on your computer. If you have a kitchen appliance with small parts, put them in a large bag or container. This will help keep them organized and together. 

Appliances that you use every day can stay on the counter or shelf. You can also put them in a lower cabinet where they are easily reachable. Appliances that you only use a few times throughout the year can be placed in higher cabinets that are harder to reach. Consider moving your appliances around seasonally. The ice cream maker may see heavy use during the summer, while the slow cooker will be a cooking staple in the winter. 

Consider the size and weight of the appliance when doing your kitchen organization. The larger and heavier it is, the lower you should keep it. Imagine trying to lift a 22-pound KitchenAid mixer over your head to place it on a top shelf every time you want to use it. 


Try to go through your kitchen cabinets at least twice a year. The more often you do it, the easier it will be to keep them organized, and the less time it will take each time you do it. You could do it seasonally, before the summer and winter seasons. If you want to take it a step further, you could label your cabinet doors. This will make it easy for everyone else to keep your kitchen organized. 

The benefit of Multi-Functional Appliances 

The most significant benefit of having multi-functional appliances on your countertop is the reduction in individual appliances. This makes it easier to organize a small kitchen. With fewer items on your counter, your kitchen organization will shine through. 

You’ll also find it easier and faster to prepare meals when you have a single appliance that can accomplish multiple tasks. Look for one with clear labels and straightforward operation. Having automatic functions is also helpful because it makes the cooking process faster and easier. 

Buydeem All-in-One Intelligent Steamer 

The Buydeem All-in-One Intelligent Steamer can perform five different functions in your kitchen. Use it to prepare rice, cook meals, make yogurt, heat stews, or prepare baby food. It can also thaw and sterilize. There are pre-set functions to make it easy to choose the cooking function that you need. The steamer heats to your desired temperature in under a minute, making it fast. 

Automatic safety functions like low water alert and automatic shut-off allow you to set it and forget it. You’ll appreciate how lightweight and space-saving this steamer is, making it perfect for small kitchen organization. The premium quality materials and attractive vintage styling make this steamer beautiful enough to leave on your counter. 

Buydeem Four-Slice Bread Toaster 

Do more than just make toast with the Buydeem Fur-Slice Bread Toaster. There are four extra-wide slots that are controlled by two independent controls. This lets you toast to two different settings simultaneously. There are seven shade settings to choose from for the perfect level of doneness every time. 

Its innovative design lets you use this toaster to defrost, reheat, and toast. You can also choose from the pre-set settings for muffins and bagels. Dual crumb trays make the toaster easy to clean. The beautiful vintage-inspired design features a food-grade stainless steel construction that is wear and rust-proof. 

Buydeem Instant Temperature Water Boiler 

Have hot water ready at the touch of a button with the Buydeem Instant Temperature Water Boiler. Choose from eight temperature settings that let you prepare coffee, tea, baby formula, hot chocolate, oatmeal, and more. This ensures you have the perfect temperature for the best outcome. It can produce hot water that’s between 104 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Your water is ready in 60 seconds, making it fast and convenient for whatever you’re preparing. The removable 88-ounce water tank only requires one free hand to refill. The large tank means you won’t have to refill it often. This water boiler stands out because it has several safety features, including a child lock, night light, and water-resistant technology. The small footprint helps it to fit perfectly on your counter for small kitchen organization.

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