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Breakfast Nook Decorating Ideas - BuydeemUS

Breakfast Nook Decorating Ideas

Breakfast Nook Decorating Ideas

Where do you eat breakfast in your home? If you’re like most people, it is in the breakfast nook. This casual eating spot is either in the kitchen or next to it. It’s the place for family and close friends to gather for breakfast and other casual, daily meals. Its convenient location and relaxed feel make it perfect for serving freshly prepared meals in the kitchen. 

Because this space is used so often, you should decorate it. Create a space that reflects who you are and who your family is as a whole. Because it’s so close to the kitchen, it could match the kitchen decoration that you already have there. This would tie the two spaces together for a cohesive design throughout your home. 

With these helpful breakfast nook ideas, you can design your breakfast nook yourself for the perfect setup that’s both beautiful and functional. 

Coffee Takes a Central Role

For the majority of people, coffee is a must in the morning routine. Having your coffee station in your breakfast nook is a smart idea because it makes it readily accessible. It also keeps these countertop appliances out of the kitchen, giving you more space for other small appliances. 

Make it easy to access your coffee tools when going through your morning routine. Perhaps you add a side table or floating shelf that’s next to the table in your breakfast nook. You can line up your drip coffee, K-cup, French press, or pour over coffee maker. Place a rack that holds a few mugs and another that holds the coffee. Add a small container for sugar or sugar substitutes. 

Add Tea to Your Breakfast Nook

Not everyone drinks coffee, so adding tea supplies to your breakfast nook is a must. Even if you are a morning coffee drinker, a nice cup of tea is perfect for an afternoon pick me up. Look at breakfast nook ideas to get inspired on how you can combine your coffee and tea into one station. Look for appliances that can be used for both, like the Buydeem Kettle that rapidly heats the water. Or the Buydeem Pour Over Coffee Set that can brew both coffee and tea. 

For tea enthusiasts, The Buydeem Coffee & Tea Collection is a must with its complete set of tea tools and accessories for preparing the perfect cup of tea. The Buydeem Glass Tea Pot and the Buydeem Glass Tea Cup are perfect for brewing the tea right in the glass cup. The stainless steel basket won’t impart unwanted flavors on the delicate tea leaves. Each piece uses high-quality materials for pure flavor and lasting durability. These include high borosilicate glass, vulcanized silicone, and food-grade stainless steel. 

You Need a Toaster

You need to have something to eat with your breakfast, coffee, or tea. While having a hot drink is enjoyable, having food for breakfast will help you feel more energized throughout the day. A toaster is a must because it’s the perfect countertop appliance for preparing breakfast foods. You can also use it for quick meals and snacks throughout the day. This makes it perfect for your breakfast nook design, where you have a casual and cozy feel. 

Look for a toaster with, the features you need and a design that complements your breakfast nook design. If you live alone, then a two-slot toaster may be enough. If you live with other people, then look for a larger four-slot toaster. This lets you make four slices of toast at the same time. For the most convenience, look for a toaster with independent dual controls. Then you can choose two different temperatures and levels of doneness for each pair of slots. 


Kettles Are a Must

Having a kettle is a must for your breakfast nook and morning routine. Without a kettle, you are stuck heating water on the stove or in the microwave. Neither of these options is ideal. Heating water in the microwave lacks accuracy and makes it difficult to heat a large amount of water at once. Heating water on the stove requires a pot and can take forever. 

Using a kettle is much easier because you can set the exact temperature you want. This is perfect for preparing specialty coffee or tea that requires a specific temperature. Look for a kettle that has several temperature options so that you can prepare a wide variety of beverages. Quick selection buttons make heating your water fast and simple. You can also quickly heat a large amount of water, helping to keep your morning routine moving along on a busy day. You’ll also find it easier to pour the water from the kettle into your coffee cup. 

Buydeem Coffee & Tea Collection

The Buydeem Coffee & Tea Collection is perfect for your breakfast nook design. Each piece in the collection features an elegant blending of style and performance. The sophisticated and modern design of the collection means you can have them on display in your breakfast nook. The soft colors look modern, giving them a fresh appeal that complements any color scheme. 

You’ll appreciate the multi-functionality of each piece in the collection. Unlike other single-use coffee and tea appliances, the Buydeem Collection can perform a variety of varied tasks. Use the Buydeem Pour Over Coffee Set for making coffee, tea, or craft cocktails. This lets you use the set from morning to afternoon and into happy hour. The glassware pieces are made from durable, non-toxic, high borosilicate glass. Their modern design features clean straight lines with gently arching curves and large easy to grip handles. You can outfit your breakfast nook with a complete set of coffee cups, a teapot, and a large jug. For the extra touch, add the Buydeem Mug and Coffee Warmer. This is a small square just large enough to set your coffee cup on. 

Buydeem Toaster & Kettle

The Buydeem Toaster and Kettle are two perfect additions to your breakfast nook. Not only will they complement the style and color of your Buydeem Pour Over Coffee Set, but they will also reliably perform. Starting with their design, they feature high-quality food-grade stainless steel that is rust-resistant for durable construction. To make the Buydeem Toaster Collection stand out, they come with a soft yet eye-catching coating in cozy greenish or mellow yellow. There’s also the classic stainless steel finish. 

Pair your toaster with the Buydeem Tea Kettle and toaster, and you’ll have a complete set of matching appliances that feature a delightful vintage-inspired design. The subtle vintage design touches add character and style to your breakfast nook design

What’s nice about having a kettle at your breakfast nook is that you can keep water heated right on the breakfast table. Everyone eating at the breakfast nook can enjoy their beverage of choice. The water heats quickly, and the large capacity reduces the amount of refilling you have to do. Never worry about your kettle, thanks to the built-in safety features. It has dry-boil protection, light-up on/off labels, and an auto-shut-off. When finished with your beverages, keep your breakfast nook neat and tidy with the cord coiled up neatly underneath. 

Add the

Buydeem Coffee & Tea Collection


to your breakfast nook.

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