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What is the Buydeem warranty policy?

We offer a 1 Year Limited Warranty on all Buydeem items.

This policy is in place to guarantee our customers’ defect-free products. After review and acceptance of a warranty service, Buydeem will replace the item. Valid on products used in the United States or Canada, if a product leaves these countries, the warranty is no longer applicable. Please note that Buydeem Limited Warranty extends to the original purchaser only.

What does the warranty cover? 

The Buydeem Limited Warranty covers manufacturer defects.

At Buydeem we take great care to manufacture products with excellence and attention to detail. Unfortunately, we can not foresee everything, for that reason this warranty covers issues that result outside of typical use.

What is excluded from the warranty? 

Damage, misuse, abuse, neglect, as well as normal wear and tear of a product are not covered.

Any use outside of operating instructions is not covered. We do not cover damage resulting from commercial use, improper assembly, failure to provide maintenance, flood, fire, disassembly, dropping, etc. On top of that, any modifications, repairs, or added parts unauthorised by Buydeem void the warranty. We hold the right to review and deney Limited Warranty requests based on evidence of any user caused issues.

How do I request a warranty service? 

To begin a warranty request, contact customer service at 

When contacting us, please provide product model number, order number, purchase information, and a short description of the issue. Within 24 hours a friendly member of our customer service team will contact you.



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