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It all started in the early 2000s when a team of foodies who craved wholesome diets in a convenient way began to reimagine typical kitchen appliances. Back then, appliances were not developed for busy lives, they were not designed with style, and health was not a top priority for manufacturers.

Luckily, our founding Buydeem team was eager to change the market with multi-function, compact, high-end, and stylish products that deliver a better standard of life for individuals and families.

Combining superb quality, authentic materials, and a passion for detail, we created our primer Kettle Cooker. This was the world’s first multi-function tea kettle that could also be used to cook stew, rice, yogurt, and more. It took the Asian Pacific market by storm. Jumping for joy at the success of the Kettle Cooker, the Buydeem team knew our job did not stop there.

Since then, now with more than 20 years in the appliance industry and over 1 million products sold, our team has reimagined a variety of small kitchen items with Buydeem’s three core purposes: sleek high-end design that adds to household decor, wellness in every bite or sip, and effortless pleasure in the experience of cooking. We have even successfully launched recipes and health-minded prepackaged food for our Asian Pacific market. Each step of the way, we have never stopped focusing on wellness, design, and convenience for all.

Customers in Japan, Korea, China, and now the USA have fallen in love with the quality, excellence, and superior taste our products continuously deliver.

From new moms, college students, office employees, and beyond, we believe that everyone deserves to thoroughly enjoy the beverages or food they make. Buydeem is for those who seek style, health, and joy in the kitchen. Since day one, we have poured passion and love for what we do into our products and that is exactly what our customers taste and experience in their own life.


iF Product Design Awards

Red Dot Design Awards

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Excellence Awards

AWE Awards


Buydeem is dedicated to high-quality kitchen appliances designed with thoughtfulness. It is our goal to deliver stylish, healthy, and convenient cooking experiences to conscious consumers.



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