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To ensure Buydeem customer information is kept safe, we use PayPal and Lianlian Pay on all transactions. Known for it’s top-of-the-line fraud protection, this secure payment processing system keeps payment details (card numbers etc.) private, even from us. Furthermore, it automatically screens all orders before clearing any payment. To avoid delays in payment processing, please make sure the billing address provided matches your credit card information. Sometimes, your payment may be refused by the system since your order is regarded as high-level risk order. 

What credit cards does Buydeem accept? 

Easily purchase Buydeem items using any major credit card.

At checkout select your credit card service provider — Visa, MasterCard,  American Express, JCB — and fill in your information. Following purchase and processing, you will see the payment appear on your credit card statement.  

Why was I charged a transaction fee for my order when paid with a credit card?                                                                                                                          
We promise that on the payment receiving side, we will not charge any other transaction fee from our customers except for the charges on order, shipping, and tax.

However, caused by your credit card issuer, your order will probably be charged an extra transaction fee when your bank charges a fee for international transactions. Please ask your issuing bank for more details. Thanks!

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