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Electric Kettle vs. Stovetop Kettle - BuydeemUS

Electric Kettle vs. Stovetop Kettle

Electric Kettle vs. Stovetop Kettle

Having a kettle cooker in your kitchen is a must for heating water. Whether you prefer the stovetop or electric kind, kettles are the easiest method of heating a large amount of water that you’ll use for making beverages. There’s always been a great debate between Brits and Americans. Should you have an electric or stovetop version? Each type has its benefits, and the one you choose will depend on the style and features you are looking for. 

Learn about the different kettle cooker types, their features, and the benefits each one provides. 

Popularity of Tea

Tea has always had a rich history in the UK but has not quite caught on as strongly in the United States. However, in recent years, tea has seen an increase in popularity with Americans. This goes beyond just drinking cold sweet tea. 

There are several varieties that are the most popular. Green, white, black, oolong, and herbal are the most popular. They feature a range of strengths and flavors, so there’s something for everyone’s palate. Black tea is strong and highly caffeinated. Green tea has a gentler flavor profile and not quite as much caffeine. Oolong falls somewhere between black and green tea. White tea is the most delicate with the least amount of caffeine. Herbal tea isn’t considered true tea by enthusiasts because it features infusions of plants that are not tea leaves. Popular varieties that you will commonly see are English breakfast, chai, chamomile, and matcha. 

The type of tea you choose to drink will depend on the time of the day and the activity you’re doing. English breakfast tea is rich and hearty, making it popular for the morning or early afternoon. Matcha is popular among health enthusiasts as a morning drink. Chamomile has calming and soothing effects that make it perfect as a sleep aid right before bed. 

Possible Uses

You can use your kettle for so much more than just drinking tea. Since all it does is heat water, you can use it for a wide variety of tasks. Its simple function makes it incredibly versatile. Use your kettle to heat water for tea, coffee, hot toddies, cooking, or cleaning. Making a quick lunch is easy when you have a kettle. Heat water and pour it into a cup of instant noodles or soup for a delicious and filling lunch. You could even pour the water into a bowl, add aromatherapy, and have a steam facial. A kettle can be used for any purpose where you need water heated quickly. 

Types of Electric Kettle

There are two types of kettles, electric and stove. Electric kettles like the Buydeem Electric Kettle K640 is one of the best electric kettles on the market. Its popularity is explained by a recent rise in demand for multi-functional kitchen countertop appliances. Electric kettle cookers are a part of this as modern models come with large water capacities, temperature controls, and safety features. This makes it possible to use them for more than just making tea. 

Electric kettles are typically made of plastic or metal and have a heating element on the bottom. They have an electric cord that plugs into an outlet. They typically have a standard design and come in plain colors. This is where the Buydeem Electric Kettle K640 stands out with its retro-inspired design and three color options of cozy greenish, mellow yellow, and stainless steel. Electric kettles tend to be more popular in the UK. 

Stove kettles are the traditional kettle style and the style that you will see more often used in the United States. They are typically made of metal and require placement on a lit burner on the stove. They tend to take longer to heat and lack the controls that electric kettles have. Because they require a stove, you cannot use them in other rooms in the home. Stove kettles tend to be easier to fill and keep clean because they have a wide opening at the top. They also have a unique loud whistle that triggers once the water is hot enough to produce steam. 

Kettle Type Benefits 

Electric kettles are nice because they are convenient and fast. You can heat water anywhere in your home as long as you have an electrical outlet to plug it into. Their rapid ability to heat water makes it possible to enjoy a cup of tea whenever the mood strikes. They also don’t have an annoying whistle like stove kettles, which is nice if you find the loud sound annoying. 

Many modern electric kettles come with smart technology that gives you precise control over the water temperature. Others have smartphone integration for remote water heating. Then there are the safety features like auto shut off. This feature is also nice for those who are concerned about energy use and efficiency. 

Stove kettles are nice because they tend to be more durable with construction out of stainless steel, copper, or cast iron. These metals are required to make the kettle safe for use on the stove. The design aesthetic is also nice for stove kettles because they harken back to a simpler time. In addition, they tend to have more personality, making them more unique than electric kettles. 

Advantages of Electric Kettle

As you can see, there are many benefits to using an electric kettle over a stovetop one. While the stove versions are traditional and have a classic appeal, they lack the technology needed for precise control over your water heating. The Buydeem Electric Kettle K640 is one of the best electric kettles on the market because it embodies the cool retro vintage-inspired styling that you get with a stove kettle. This electric version comes in three colors, cozy greenish, mellow yellow, and stainless steel. 

It has a large capacity and can heat water quickly, giving you plenty of hot water for large batches of your favorite beverage. It uses 1,440 watts of power to heat its 1.7L of liquid capacity. It comes with smart safety features like auto shut off, light-up on/off label, and dry-boil protection.

It is the small touches to the design that makes this electric kettle a pleasure to use. An ergonomic handle, wide pour spout, and separated design make using the kettle comfortable and easy. You’ll also appreciate the design when it comes time to clean it. Having the ability to get inside and scrub means you never have to worry about mold or mildew. 

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Kettle Cooker

If you have owned your current electric kettle for a while, then keep an eye out for the signs that it's time to upgrade. First, look at the outside of your kettle. If it’s stained and worn out looking, then it's time to replace this eyesore. Next, take a whiff, if your kettle has a foul odor similar to metal, then the coating has worn off and it’s time to replace it. If you find that the kettle doesn’t boil the water the way it should, doesn’t keep the water hot, or leaks steam, then it’s time to replace your kettle. 

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