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How to Decorate a Kitchen? - BuydeemUS

How to Decorate a Kitchen?

You've spent more time at home in the last year than you'd ever hoped or wanted to. While it's been a great opportunity to reconnect with family and catch up on projects, it's also brought out some issues. Spending more time at home with more time on your hands has made you realize that your kitchen is lacking.

Now is the perfect time to give your kitchen an overhaul and redecorate. You could embrace current trends, technology innovations, and popular colors. This guide will show you how and get you inspired with these kitchen decorating ideas.

Popular Kitchen Design Trends

Embrace the idea of everyone being home and gathering around the table for meals. Popular kitchen decorating ideas focus on bringing family together and embracing the increased amount of time everyone is spending at home.

Additionally, trending kitchen ideas also focus on quality and value. Make the most of your budget by investing in high-quality pieces that may cost a bit more upfront but are well worth the investment for their versatility, functionality, and longevity.

Vintage Inspired

Old is new again when it comes to kitchen decorating ideas. You could fill your kitchen with authentic vintage pieces. This works well for decorative pieces but isn’t smart for others. Appliances like your toaster, fridge, and oven should be modern with a vintage-inspired design. Then pair these with authentic decorative pieces to give your kitchen a blend of old and new that feel authentic to your family.

Rustic Farmhouse

Kitchen decor ideas are full of farmhouse elements. Embrace kitchen decorating ideas that use natural woods. The pieces should have a simple and unassuming look. You can mix in some vintage pieces, like the BuyDeem Vintage-Inspired Toaster.

Keep the color bright and light. Handmade and vintage pieces are perfect for giving your kitchen a rustic feel. Hang old school farm and kitchen pieces on the walls to use as decor.

Banquette seating is one of the more popular farmhouse kitchen ideas because it takes up minimal space while maximizing available seating. Turn your banquette seating into a place everyone wants to be with a thick cushion and plenty of throw pillows.

Clean Modern

The third trend in kitchen ideas is to take a modern approach. Choose neutrals for the color scheme. Keep the decor to a minimum. The decor that you do use should be clean and simple with minimal ornamentation.

Choose cabinet fronts that are smooth slabs to create a continuous and smooth surface. Hide the fridge behind a smooth slab cabinet front. A laminate finish will create a sleek look with a beautiful shine.

Popular Appliances

The latest innovations and technological developments tend to drive trending kitchen decor ideas. However, people still want the look and feel of traditional kitchen appliances. This has led to a blending of old and new.

It’s important to invest in quality appliances that are durable, functional, and attractive. You want them to last and continue to look great for years to come. The right appliances are worth it because they serve your family well and create a welcoming environment.

Your kitchen is the place where everyone gathers. It’s one of the most popular rooms in your home. With this high level of use, you need appliances that are durable enough to last.


The BuyDeem Vintage-Inspired Toaster is a perfect example of this. Its soft mint color and retro styling harken back to a simpler time. But it’s not just looks. Hidden beneath the beautiful exterior is the latest modern technology. At an affordable price point, this toaster is a smart investment upgrade for your kitchen.

Choosing a beautiful-looking toaster means you can leave it on your counter. It becomes a part of the countertop decor. This eliminates the need to tuck it away in a cabinet and gives you more storage space.


You’ll see these same vintage-inspired kitchen ideas with modern stoves and ovens. They will have all of the latest technological conveniences and have a vintage-inspired styling. This is another smart upgrade because you can keep your traditional design while benefiting from an energy-efficient operation, convection, and other modern innovations.


People are tired of looking at their plain white or industrial-looking fridge. This has led to a rise in two very different trends. For some, hiding the refrigerator is the only solution. It’s mounted behind a cabinet front that matches the rest of the cabinetry. The result is a cohesive kitchen that has a uniform look throughout.

The other trend is to embrace a retro style. Vintage-inspired fridges have bright colors, more hardware, and character. This turns the fridge into a showpiece and focal point in your kitchen.

Popular Color Schemes

Choose a color scheme that will compliment your kitchen decorating ideas. You could choose a trending color like blue. Or you could choose the clean and classic color of bright white.

Certain colors work better with particular kitchen decor ideas. However, if you’re unsure, you’re always safe with neutrals. These are whites, beiges, and greys. These colors are soft, warm, and universally appealing. Choose a combination of colors to keep your kitchen from looking flat or bland.


The classic and ever-popular color for kitchens is white. You can’t go wrong with this color in your kitchen. It will look clean and bright, which has a broad appeal. However, if you want to have this color kitchen, add plenty of accents and textures. This will keep your kitchen from looking one-dimensional and cold.

Dark Hues

Modern design trends embrace darker colors in the kitchen. Popular kitchen ideas use dark blue or black. To keep your kitchen from looking too dark, keep the darker colors low and pair them with a lighter color in the upper half of the room. Try painting your floor cabinets a dark color. Then pair them with a light color countertop and white upper cabinets. Keep the decor and appliances in the upper half of the room light to continue this trend.

Another kitchen decor idea is to have a dark accent wall or accent cabinets. This works well if you have one group of cabinets that’s smaller and separated from the rest of your cabinets. Visually balance the amount of dark and light in the room. This keeps the room feeling bright but also grounded.


You want your kitchen to feel warm and welcoming while also feeling bright and fresh. Pastels are perfect for this. They soften the harshness of white but still retain the light. You could paint the walls, but modern kitchen decorating ideas look beyond this. Incorporate your chosen pastel color in the appliances, such as the BuyDeem Vintage-Inspired Mint Green Toaster.

Fresh mint green is perfect for your kitchen. It’s not a traditional baby color, which keeps your kitchen from looking juvenile. Green is also the color of life, renewal, and life, making it perfect for your kitchen. Your family will feel motivated and comforted in your green kitchen. It’ll also be easy to coordinate your kitchen decorating ideas as mint green looks elegant with cream, white, beige, and grey.

Add a touch of vintage charm to your kitchen while enjoying modern convenience with the BuyDeem Four Slice Mint Green Toaster.

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