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Ideas for Kitchen Countertop Décor

Modern kitchen ideas embrace both looks and function. It isn't enough for your kitchen countertops and decor to be pretty or have style. They also need to be functional for everyday life. Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home, so if it doesn't work for you, it'll be a daily frustration.

When choosing your kitchen decor, start with your countertops. Get inspired by your countertop material to then find kitchen decor ideas that will look beautiful. Choose kitchen decor that won't clutter your countertop and make it easier to cook, bake, or perform food prep.


There was a time when laminate looked cheap and was vulnerable to scratching. However, modern laminate materials can closely mimic the look of stone or wood. This makes it a durable and affordable countertop material for your kitchen.

Dress up your countertops with kitchen decorating ideas that use authentic materials. A ceramic flower vase or glass bowl will look beautiful while giving you a place to display produce and flowers. Your small appliances can be any color you want, from neutral black to bold red. To make cooking easier, add a spice display rack that adds natural color while putting your spices in a convenient place.


Create a farmhouse, cabin, or rustic feel in your kitchen with wood countertops. The wood will add a natural warmth to your kitchen, helping it to feel cozy and welcoming. Butcher block is very hard and durable, making it an ideal kitchen idea for someone who loves to cook. Bamboo and maple are also beautiful and durable options.

Embrace the homey feeling of the wood counters with vintage-inspired appliances. Look for pieces that add color and highlight the neutral beauty of the wood. The BuyDeem Four Slice Toaster’s vintage-inspired design is the perfect kitchen decor idea for giving your kitchen the homey atmosphere of an authentic farmhouse or cottage kitchen. The mint green color coordinates with the other natural colors while also feeling fresh. Unlike actual vintage appliances, this one has all of the modern features you need for it to be usable in your everyday life.


Tile countertops have fallen out of favor with modern kitchen decorating ideas. This is mainly because the grout is hard to keep clean. The crevices are perfect places for harboring bacteria and food particles. The advantage of tile is its durability and bold color options.

When your counter is the focal point, your decor and countertop appliances should take a backseat. Stainless steel will reflect the color of the tile and blend in. A clean white or black is neutral and won’t compete with the look of the tile.

If you love to cook or bake, consider adding large cutting boards as a part of your decor. This will give you a place to prepare food and keep it off of the tiled countertop.


The industrial look of concrete has made it a popular choice for modern kitchen ideas. It’s a neutral grey color, giving you the perfect palette for colorful appliances. Concrete has the natural, earthy feel of stone, but at a fraction of the cost. You could seal the plain concrete for a more industrial look. Or you can use a stain to completely transform the look of the concrete to match almost any kitchen design.

Concrete can look modern, which is perfect for placing modern decor on. Look for kitchen decorating ideas that use clean lines and minimal ornamentation. If it’s multi-purpose, that’s even better. These pieces will take up minimal room but give you more functionality. Bamboo, glass, and copper are all materials that can complement the look of your concrete countertops.

Sometimes concrete can look too cold. Using vintage-inspired appliances can soften their look. The BuyDeem Vintage-Inspired Toaster is perfect because it creates a softer look to your countertops while looking appealing. It’ll also give you more functions than just toasting, reducing the number of other appliances you need on your counter.

Stainless Steel

There’s a reason stainless steel is used for the countertops of commercial kitchens. The metal is tough, long-lasting, and easy to keep clean. Using it in your home kitchen can give you all of these benefits. However, stainless steel is a large investment because you’ll need to invest in custom countertops.

To keep your kitchen from feeling like a cold, industrial kitchen, add elements of warmth. Look for kitchen decor ideas that use ceramic, pottery, or wood canisters and bowls. Choose pieces that will both look beautiful and be functional. A hand-carved wooden bowl is perfect as decor and can be functional for holding produce.

Ceramic canisters can act as decor and hold commonly used goods like flour and sugar. This turns your functional pieces into decorative items, so you have a beautifully decorated kitchen that also keeps commonly used cooking staples within arm’s reach.

If you enjoy the sleek look of stainless steel, you can embrace it with kitchen decorating ideas that are modern or industrial. Look for appliances with a modern design. They could also have stainless steel fronts. These appliances are easy to clean and have modern technology with the latest features.

Natural Stone

Kitchen ideas that use natural stone look modern and elegant. There’s a wide range of stone types to choose from, so there’s something for every budget. Some stones are delicate and can stain or chip easily, making them less than ideal for those who heavily use their kitchen for cooking or baking. Focus on kitchen decor ideas that use a similar type and color of stone that your kitchen has. It helps to look at the individual colors and tones that are in the stone.

Stone with black hues can look beautiful with black or stainless steel appliances. You could have a stand mixer, coffee maker, and toaster oven. All of these small appliances will be multi-functional and help to give your kitchen a modern and sophisticated feel.

If your countertop stone has more brown hues, then black appliances may not appeal to everyone. Instead, you could opt for wood, copper, or bronze. This will bring out the tones of the stone and elevate the look of the entire kitchen.


You don’t have to spend a fortune to makeover your kitchen. Painting your countertops gives you an affordable option. What’s nice about paint is that you can do it yourself and choose any color or design that you want. If you already have kitchen decor that you like, this is a great way to make the countertops match your decor. Be sure to seal your painted countertops to preserve the paint.

Kitchen decorating ideas that use a single paint color will be simple and easy, letting you get more elaborate with your decor and appliances. If you’re more skilled, consider kitchen ideas that use more than one color. Then you can mimic the look of natural stone.

Dress up your affordable countertops with more elegant or expensive pieces. This elevates your kitchen decor. Glass or metal containers for kitchen utensils and spices will look beautiful and be easy to care for. Their smooth surfaces won’t be abrasive on the sealed paint.

Add the vintage-inspired mint green BuyDeem Four Slice Toaster to your kitchen and have a beautiful appliance that’s durable and functional.

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