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Pour Over Coffee Brewing Guide - BuydeemUS

Pour Over Coffee Brewing Guide

The pour over style coffee is considered the best coffee brew method. However, it also can be the most daunting. With precise control over every variable, the risk is high for ending up with something less than satisfactory. Don’t let this deter you, though. All you need is the right tools and a helpful guide to walk you through the basics. 

With some simple instructions and a user-friendly coffee maker, you too can enjoy the best coffee possible. 

The Best Coffee Brew Method Requires Patience

The best pour over coffee method takes time and attention. Unlike a drip coffee maker, you can’t set it and forget it expecting to come back to a freshly brewed coffee cup. You will need freshly ground coffee beans that are ground to the ideal consistency. Then you need to heat the water to the perfect temperature and preheat your dripper and coffee mug. Slowly pour the hot water into the grounds and let the dripper filter the water through. This can take two to three minutes for a single cup of coffee. 

Start With The Perfect Grind 

The key to proper brewing is to evenly and consistently grind the coffee beans to the ideal size. The grind for pour over coffee is slightly larger than other types of coffee preparation methods. It uses the infusion method, where a medium grind will produce the best coffee

Tasting your coffee is the best way to know what you need to adjust. If your coffee is sour or watery, then you need to grind the coffee beans to a finer consistency. If your coffee beans are bitter, then you need a coarser grind. 

Time also affects the size of the grind. The finer your coffee grind is, the shorter the contact time should be for the water. Smaller batch drippers perform best with a finer grind. Experiment with your coffee maker to find the best combination of grind size and brewing time. 

The Best Coffee Ratios And What They Mean 

Getting your coffee to water ratio right is crucial when attempting to make the best coffee. The best coffee brew method starts at a 1:17 ratio of coffee to water. This is a good starting point to adjust from. Some people prefer a 1:15 ratio. Be careful when adjusting your ratio because it can drastically change the other variables like water temperature, brew time, grind size, and pour method. It’s best to find a ratio that you find tasty and then leave it alone while you practice your technique with the other variables. Once you have a solid understanding of the other variables, then you can come back and adjust your coffee to water ratio. 

The Buydeem Pour-Over Coffee Set Orange Vivid is a great set to get started with because it makes measuring simple. The coffee dripper and the coffee cup have large, easy-to-read scales that make it fast and simple to measure the perfect ratio of ground coffee beans to water. Use the food-grade silicone and stainless steel dripper to know precisely how much coffee grounds to use. Then use the high borosilicate glass cup to measure the amount of water you will need. 

Maintain Your Temperature Throughout The Process

Technically, you can brew coffee at any water temperature if you try hard enough. However, that doesn’t mean you should use any water temperature in your pour over coffee maker. As a general rule, the ideal water temperature is between 195–205 degrees Fahrenheit. The exact ideal temperature will depend on the type of coffee beans you are brewing. Lighter roasts produce the best coffee with a lower temperature, while darker roasts produce a more enjoyable coffee cup at a higher temperature. 

Preheat your water in a kettle that lets you choose the exact water temperature you want. This reduces fluctuations and variables in your coffee preparation. You should also heat more water than you need to make coffee. Use the extra water to preheat your dripper and coffee mug. Otherwise, the cool temperature of the tools will reduce your water temperature, causing you to brew your coffee at a lower temperature than you intended. 

Use Scales To Measure Everything

The key to brewing the best coffee is measuring. With a drip maker, you can get away with guessing and eyeballing the measurements. Pour over coffee requires you to carefully measure the ground coffee beans and water. Thankfully, the Buydeem Pour-Over Coffee Set Ink Grey makes the measuring process easy. The food-grade silicone and stainless steel dripper has clear, easy-to-read measurements for the number of coffee grounds you should use. The high borosilicate glass coffee cup has clear measurements for the amount of water you need.  

Pour Over Coffee Pouring Techniques 

Do not pour the hot water all at once in a quick pour and call it a day. This will flood the coffee ground, create channeling, and not allow for full flavor extraction. There are several techniques you can use to brew the grounds. Try these methods that are a favorite of the experts. Stick with the one that makes the best coffee cup. 


The bloom technique encourages the coffee to bubble when pouring the hot water. After your first pour, pause and let the carbon dioxide escape from the grounds. This build-up of gas happens during the roasting process. Letting it escape encourages even brewing and flavor extraction from the grounds. Gently pour from the center to the outside in a spiral pattern and then wait 30-45 seconds before pouring the rest of the water. 

Pulse Pouring

To prevent channeling, you can pulse pour. Experiment with stopping and starting to pulse the water through the grounds. The goal is to disrupt the coffee bean grounds as much as possible to brew the best coffee. Channeling is when the water creates a direct path through the coffee and filter, minimizing the water’s contact with the grounds. 

Continuous Pouring

In contrast to pulse pouring, continuous pouring is when you start the pour and don’t stop until you’ve poured all of the water. The goal of this pour over coffee method is to saturate the coffee grounds evenly. 


Some enthusiasts claim this is the best coffee brew method because it mildly agitates the grounds for the most even and robust flavor extraction. As you pour the water, stir or swirl the coffee grounds to disperse them throughout the water. 

Keep Your Tools Simple 

This can seem like a lot of information that overly complicates the coffee making process. But, with the right equipment, it doesn’t have to be complicated. The Buydeem Pour-Over Coffee Set makes experimenting easy with its easy-to-read scales. This ensures you get the same amount of water and coffee grounds every time. When used with a Buydeem Kettle Cooker, you can easily and quickly heat the water and preheat your coffee maker. What really makes the Buydeem pour over coffee maker collection stand out are the three elegant colors that it comes in. Unlike other coffee makers that look unattractive, you have your choice of cozy greenish, orange vivid, and inky grey. These soft colors will beautifully complement your kitchen’s design theme. 

Brew the best coffee possible and enjoy a delicious cup today with the

of pour over coffee makers.

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