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Small Kitchen Organization On a Budget (Banding) - BuydeemUS

Small Kitchen Organization On a Budget (Banding)

You have a small kitchen, but you love to cook, and you own several appliances and cooking utensils. It’s crucial that you develop a small kitchen organizational strategy. Otherwise, you risk running out of room or having a kitchen that feels cluttered and overstuffed. Thankfully, you don't have to spend a fortune to have an organized small kitchen. 

These small kitchen organization hacks will help you make the most of the available space in your kitchen. 

Sort Items In Glass Containers

Food products are hard to organize because they all come in uniquely sized and shaped containers. This creates a lack of uniformity and makes it difficult to effectively use all of your available space. The solution is to make them uniform by removing the food from its original manufacturer’s packaging and putting it into your own container. 

The Buydeem Glass Food Container is perfect for this because they are leakproof with a dual-ring seal and one-piece spiral cover. You can line them up on your counter, stack them, or hang them from magnets on the underside of your wall cabinets. The extra-wide mouth makes them easy to fill, use, and keep clean. You’ll also appreciate the high-quality materials the containers are made out of. Feel safe using them for your family’s food as they are free from toxins and BPA. The container is crafted from borosilicate glass for strength and durability. The lid is FDA-approved silicone for a secure seal to the glass canister. 

Another great option for your small kitchen organization is the Buydeem Airtight Glass Storage Jar. It’s perfect for keeping your food fresh by locking in freshness. The lid has a convenient push-button that releases the lid. Choose from 600 or 1,200ml for plenty of storage versatility. You stack the jars for more storage ability. Similar to the food containers, the airtight jars are made from durable borosilicate glass and FDA-approved silicone. The non-slip silicone ring on the bottom makes these jars stand out, making them safer than other glass containers. 

Make Use Of Your Walls In A Small Kitchen 

Use your small kitchen organization as your decor by “decorating” the walls with your kitchen utensils and tools. Mount hooks or open shelves on the wall. Then use them as storage. This kitchen organization hack is perfect for small kitchens because they may lack cabinet storage but will have walls. 

You could hang your knives on a magnetic knife bar. Arrange your pots and pans by hanging them on hooks. Display your breadboard collection by hanging them or arranging them on a shelf. Use a shelf to arrange your Buydeem Airtight Glass Storage Jars with some of your most-used cooking staples. Depending on your cooking style, this could be sugar, flour, and salt. For others, it could mean having a jar of rice or pasta. 

Use Wire Racks For Organization Hacks

If you are looking for budget organization hacks, then consider wire racks. These affordable racks are made out of metal and coated for durability and to improve their looks. You can use them all over your small kitchen to maximize your storage space. Place them in your cabinets to create an extra shelf for your plates, bowls, and glassware. Put them on top of your cabinets for additional storage or a multi-height display. Add them to your countertop for an easy spice rack. 

Make The Most Of Cabinet Doors 

While you may use one or two cabinet doors for your spice collection, you can use your other cabinet doors for organizing other items. Install a rack that holds all of the lids for your pots and pans. Or add a rack that can hold your cooking utensils, such as spatulas and spoons. If you have a pair of cabinet doors where one has your spices, then add hooks to the other for your measuring spoons. This keeps everything together for easier use. 

Add Baskets Under The Sink

The space under the sink tends to be a forgotten black hole where odds and ends or cleaning products get thrown and forgotten about. Organize this space and give it a purpose by adding baskets or bins. Use plastic or coated wire bins that are easy to keep clean. You can line them up at the bottom of the cabinet. Then use two tension rods that you can set baskets in at an angle. Now you can use the empty space above the lower baskets and can work around the plumbing under the sink that would block a traditional shelf. Having the baskets angled on the tension rods makes it easy to see in them and quickly get what you need. 

Use Bins Or Shelves On Cabinet Doors For Spices

The space on the backside of your cabinet doors is wasted space. Start using this space by hanging your spices on them. This is an ideal spot for your spices because it keeps them away from sunlight that can prematurely age and weakens the potency of your spices. It also puts them at eye level and readily within reach.  

There are racks that you screw into the cabinet door for a permanent solution and others that use adhesive. Then decide whether you want a rack that has clips that hold each spice jar individually or one with a long bin that you place several jars in. The best solution is one that can accommodate spice jars of different shapes and sizes. 

Add Heavy Duty Magnets To Hang Jars

An often wasted space in both large and small kitchens is the space between the countertop and the upper wall cabinets. You may set jars and canisters on the countertop, but this only uses half of the space. To make the most of the rest of the space, you can use heavy-duty magnets. Mount the magnets on the underside of the cabinets and then another magnet on the top of your canisters and jars. Then you can hang the canisters from the underside of the cabinets by connecting the two magnets. 

Organize Drawers With Labeled Glass Containers

Modern kitchen cabinets have shallow drawers that are placed on tracks inside of a cabinet. The cabinet door front looks like a typical door. However, behind the door are these handy drawers. They work wonderfully for organizing everything from small appliances to pantry items. The Buydeem Glass Food Container and the Buydeem Airtight Glass Storage Jar are perfect for organizing your food items on these drawers. You can place them in a single layer or stack them on their perfectly shaped lids. 

Use Drawer Organizers For Small Items

Drawers can quickly become cluttered and messy when you throw multiple items in them. Use drawer organizers to keep your utensils organized and neatly positioned in their own space. These drawers come in a variety of finishes, from wood to plastic. They also come in a range of sizes and configurations. This lets you use the perfect organizer for your small kitchen drawers. 

Use Cable Ties To Reduce Small Appliance Cord Clutter

Cables and power cords are messy. Manufacturers add extra-long cords to their appliances for added convenience. However, it also means that you may have a ton of extra cord length if you place the appliance near the outlet. Cable ties are a must for keeping your power cords neat and organized. Bundle the cord up by folding it back and forth or into a spiraled loop. Then secure it with a cable tie to keep it in place. 

Start organizing your kitchen by purchasing the

and the

for your small kitchen.

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