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Top 5 Must-Have Kitchen Countertop Appliances - BuydeemUS

Top 5 Must-Have Kitchen Countertop Appliances

There are certain kitchen appliances that are essential to have in your kitchen. These are appliances that you find yourself using daily. They perform multiple functions, making them the ideal countertop appliances. When choosing your appliances, you want them to be an elegant combination of form and function. This ensures they are attractive enough to leave out on your kitchen countertop. 

Add these five kitchen appliances to your countertop and have the ideal mix of tools needed for the majority of your food and drink needs. 

1. Kitchen Countertop Steamers

Adding a Buydeem All-in-One Intelligent Steamer to your kitchen countertop can give you a simple, fast, and healthy cooking method. With convenient built-in presets, you can push a single button and let the steamer get to work. Unlike other steamers, this steamer can do more than just cook rice. You can prepare meat, veggies, eggs, cake, soup, bake desserts, steam buns or dumplings, reheat leftovers, defrost, and make your own yogurt or baby food.

If you need to prepare large meals or want to steam more than one type of food at a time, then the Buydeem Two-Tier All-in-One Intelligent Steamer is an ideal upgrade. It has the same small kitchen countertop space-saving footprint with an interior that’s large enough to steam a whole fish. Try preparing your meat in one tray and your vegetable side in the other. Or you could prepare your main dish in the bottom tray and dessert in the top. Included with your steamer are two stew pots and a bracket holder, giving you the ability to cook a wide range of food with no additional purchases. 

Both steamers have an easy-to-read digital display that makes it easy to see the status of your cooking. The sizeable 2-liter water capacity ensures there’s plenty of water for complete meal preparation. A dry boil safety feature automatically shuts the steamers off should they happen to run out of water. 

2. Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have one go-to pot for all of your cooking? Instead of dirtying several pots and pans, you take your dutch oven from the stovetop to the oven and then to the table. The Buydeem Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven can do just that. This versatile cast iron pot can be used for braising, roasting, stewing, broiling, and serving. 

Unlike traditional cast iron that’s black and rustic looking, this one is coated in a beautiful no-chip enamel coating. This eliminates the need to season it like you would traditional cast iron. It also makes it significantly easier to clean, thanks to its non-stick surface. 

You can use your enameled Dutch oven on electric, gas, and induction ovens. Its innovative lid features a unique raised dot design on the underside. The tight-fitting lid collects condensation that then “rains” down on the food while it’s cooking. This creates incredibly moist and flavorful meals. 

While you could keep your Dutch oven in a cabinet, it’s too pretty for that. Keep yours on display on a floating shelf or kitchen countertop. This helps to keep it ready within reach to use and adds to the authentic decor of your kitchen. 

3. A 4-Slice Toaster

With the right four-slice toaster, you can do so much more than toast bread for breakfast. The Buydeem 4-Slice Toaster Cozy Greenish DT-6B83G has four extra-wide slots and seven shade settings, giving you a broad cooking range. It also has quick selection buttons for bagels, defrost, and reheat. The wide slots let you toast bagels, English muffins, and bread slicers that are extra thick. The slots are self-centering, ensuring that each side gets evenly toasted to your liking. 

You can control the slots in pairs independently from the other. With the two temperature control settings, you can make toast to everyone’s exact preferences. It also means you can cook multiple items at once for quick and easy meal prep. 

Because toasters typically stay on the kitchen countertop, you’ll want one that looks beautiful. This vintage-inspired styling of the Buydeem 4-Slice Toaster will add charm to your kitchen. Its durable food-grade stainless steel construction and pastel green coating will add a sense of quality. You can also have confidence that your toaster will last, thanks to it being durable and rust-resistant. 

4. Kettle Cookers Are Ideal Countertop Appliances

Adding a kettle cooker to your kitchen countertop means you have a quick and convenient method for preparing healthy foods. The Buydeem Kettle Cooker K2683 can perform nine different functions. Use your kettle cooker as a slow cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, warmer, tea maker, stew pot, dessert maker, baby food cooker, or electric kettle. If you live alone or travel often, then the Buydeem Mini Kettle Cooker K313 is perfectly sized. Instead of the full cooker that has a 1.5-liter capacity, the mini version holds 500ml of water. 

Both models are crafted from high-quality German Schott Duran glass, 316 Stainless Steel, and Strix thermostats. The mini version has a non-slip bottom and carrying case for easy use while on the go. 

The large model has two cooking modes for precise cooking control. Choose between stew or boil with a simple button push. The mini model also has two cooking modes, cook and boil. You can choose from three temperature settings for the cook mode. 

5. Instant Temperature Water Boiler

Without an instant water boiler, you are stuck waiting for a pot of water to boil on your stove. This task takes so long that there’s a saying about it, “a watched pot never boils.” This makes it inconvenient and time-consuming to do anything that requires hot or boiling water. The Buydeem Instant Temperature Water Boiler is the perfect kitchen countertop appliance to fix this problem. 

It has eight temperature settings that make it easy to prepare the perfect temperature water for hot chocolate, coffee, tea, baby formula, oatmeal, and more. Getting the exact temperature means your prepared food and drinks will taste their best. There’s no more guessing the temperature like you’re forced to do with a pot or kettle. The temperature range possible is between 104 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Once engaged, your water is ready in just 60 seconds. This helps you continue with your busy life. The simple twist and push panel means you don’t have to worry about remembering how to work a complicated kitchen appliance. Other desirable features include a child safety lock, small and large cup compatibility, night light, and a removable 88-ounce water tank. 

The styling of this instant temperature water boiler will look beautiful on your kitchen countertop. It’s constructed of food-grade stainless steel materials, acrylonitrile -styrene copolymer SAN plastics. This ensures your family’s safety and the boiler’s longevity. 

6. Other Popular Kitchen Appliances For Countertops 

Depending on your lifestyle, there are several other countertop appliances that could be a must-have for your home. If you enjoy smoothies or making sauces and smooth soups, then a blender could be a must-have kitchen appliance. Those that love to bake may find themselves incomplete with a stand mixer on their kitchen countertop. If you cook a majority of your meals from scratch, then a food processor will save you a significant amount of time. It can do almost anything, including puree, blend, chop, and knead. 

Outfit your kitchen with these top five must-have kitchen countertop appliances from Buydeem.

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