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Valentine's Day Gift Guide - BuydeemUS

Valentine's Day Gifts Guide

How do you show your significant other that you care about and love them? Sure, you do little things for them throughout the year. But there is one special day when you can go all out and express your love. Valentine’s Day gifts have become a yearly ritual for couples to dedicate one day to show their love and commitment. 

While you could go with the generic standard of roses and chocolates, this can get boring. It also requires little thought and effort. Show your special someone how much you love them by considering other gift ideas. Some of the best gifts are unique and bought with the recipient in mind. 

Do something different this year with your Valentine’s Day gifts by following this holiday gifts guide. 

Avoid These Worst Gift Ideas 

There are some gifts that you should avoid completely on Valentine’s Day. The worst thing you could do is not get anything at all. An “I owe you” is not a holiday gift that anyone would be happy to receive. The same thing applies to last-minute gifts. You may think you are saving the day, but your loved one knows you forgot and panicked. The last-minute gift you give them is never something decent or what they want. You are also left with the bottom of the barrel options that no one else wanted. 

Don’t get your loved one anything weight-related. This sends the exact opposite message from what the day is supposed to be about, even if your loved one wants to lose weight or get in shape. This means that you should not get them a scale, gym membership, or a trainer. Instead, focus on the positive, like helping them eat healthier. 

Another terrible idea is focusing on something you want. Holiday gifts aren’t about what you want; it is about what they want. Look for gift ideas that show you the best gifts for her or him. If there is something that you really want, you could either drop hints and let them get it for you or buy it for yourself after the holiday gift-giving. 

Benefits of Functional Gifts 

Some people would say that functional gifts should be on the worst gift ideas list. However, these people would be wrong. Some of the best gifts you can give someone are functional. The trick to making a functional gift a success is to choose one that the recipient wants and will enjoy. If your special someone loves to be in the kitchen, then you could look at functional kitchen gifts for her. Or perhaps your loved one loves to be outside in the yard. Then look at outdoor functional gifts for him

Giving someone a functional gift means they can continue to enjoy the gift. Unlike chocolates and candy, a functional gift stays around for a long time. It continues to bring joy each time your loved one goes to use their Valentine’s Day gift. While functional gifts tend to be gifts for him, this isn’t always the case. You can find plenty of gift ideas that are gifts for her

Functional gifts like an enameled cast-iron dutch oven, massager, or Bluetooth shower speaker help make your loved one feel better and make their lives easier. These are functional gifts that someone would use on a weekly basis. They aren’t gifts that help them do unpleasant tasks or chores. 

The benefit of Upgrading Your Toaster 

One of the best functional gifts that you can get is an upgraded toaster. This handy appliance is one that everyone uses daily. A top-quality toaster is made from durable materials that will not only look great on your counter but also withstand the abuse of daily use. Say goodbye to the yellowed plastic or rusting metal of low-quality toasters. Never worry about uneven toasting from a heating mechanism that has partially given out. 

Upgrading your toaster can give you more features, which gives you more functionality and customization. This could be with more precise toasting settings, preprogrammed function buttons, or wider slots. An upgraded toaster will have better styling, making it attractive enough to leave on your counter. It can add to the decor of your kitchen. 

You’ll also appreciate how much easier it is to care for an upgraded toaster. Keeping your toaster clean is essential for having pure flavor. An upgraded toaster will have large slots, making removing crumbs stuck in the heating element easier. It will also have easy-to-remove crumb trays. 

The Buydeem Toaster Collection 

Upgrade your toaster this Valentine’s Day with the Buydeem Toaster Collection. These beautiful vintage-inspired toasters are the perfect gift for her. They come in either two or four-slice models. This makes them perfect for both small and large households. Both models have extra-wide slots, making them perfect for toasting everything from thin bread slices to thick bagels. 

Everyone can have their toast done to their preferred level of toastiness with the seven shade settings. The four-slice models give you even more control with independently working dual controls for each pair of slots.  There are also dual preset controls. 

These toasters can do so much more than toast, with defrost and reheat functions. These are nice to have with the toaster bags. This means you can use the toaster for more than just bread. The extra lift levers make it safer and easier to get your food out of the slots when it is finished toasting. 

Cleaning the Buydeem toasters are simple with the extra-wide slots. There are also easy-to-remove crumb trays on the bottom. Simply remove them by sliding them out from the back. 

All of these nice features are packaged up into an attractive design. Only top-quality materials are used in the construction. The body is food-grade stainless steel, making it sleek, durable, and rust-resistant. The colored coating adds to the vintage-inspired styling. Choose from three finishes, stainless steel, cozy greenish, or mellow yellow. The large controls are easy to see and select, making this toaster user-friendly. The LED light indicators confirm that you have selected your intended setting. The extra-long 40-inch cord gives you more freedom in where you place your toaster. 

Creative Toaster Recipes 

Help your special someone get started with your new toaster by giving them some creative recipes to try. Everyone knows they can toast bread, but they may not know all of the other meals you can prepare. They can use their Valentine’s Day Gift to prepare bagel pizza, huevos rancheros, Hawaiian muffins, waffles, cinnamon rolls, or toaster strudel. Get creative with your recipes by printing them out and making them into a book. You could have some ingredients ready so that the two of you can try out their holiday gift together. 

The Buydeem toaster collection is perfect for preparing these recipes. The extra-wide slots give you more room for preparing thicker foods. At the same time, the preset controls and seven shade settings give you precise control over the cooking temperature and length. The dual controls let you prepare two separate meals simultaneously. That way, everyone can enjoy the quick and easy meal they are craving. 

Give your special someone the perfect functional Valentine’s Day gift with a toaster from the


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