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This 4-slice toaster is a great buy! I love the retro design and color! It's easy to use and provides a nice, even color toasting on your sliced bread. The slots are wide enough to toast a small bagel. I wouldn't try, however, to toast a NY-style bagel in the toaster, the wide slots are not THAT wide. Perfect for reheating biscuits though!

Reminds me of my Grandmother's kitchen!

It a small travel size kittle that you can brew with coffee, tea, herbs, foods… etc. It can be use may different ways. It fit perfect to serve for 1 order if you are using by yourself. Sometime just want to have some morning tea and it you can just make it quick. You can do so many things with this little kittle. Recommend it for sure.

Easy to use. Good for travel.

Rapidly boils water. Lightweight and easy to fill since the heating element is separate from the kettle. The kettle settles on the heating plate perfectly and boils water with a easy to use toggle switch with a light to indicate the heating element is on. I use filtered water to prevent scale since my tap water is highly chlorinated and hard. I love the retro style and the color fits with my kitchen color scheme.



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