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10 Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas - BuydeemUS

10 Easy Kitchen Organization Ideas

You're trying to prepare dinner, and you spend more time looking for what you need than actually cooking. First, you can't find the pot you want, then you're digging in the drawer for a spoon, next it’s sifting through the spices to find the ones called for in the recipe. By the time the meal is ready, you’re tired and frustrated. 

There's an easier way, and it’s called kitchen organization. You can make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable by implementing organization hacks. They'll address everything from drawer to pantry organization. 

Try out these ten easy kitchen organization ideas and discover your kitchen’s full potential. 

1. Using Kitchen Organization Trays

Open the drawers in your kitchen and take a look. This is an easy place to start your kitchen organization makeover. Purchase organizational trays that you can place in the drawer. There are adjustable ones that you can size to fit in your drawer perfectly. They come in a wide range of materials and colors, so you can choose a set that matches the rest of your kitchen. 

Move to your cabinets next. Kitchen organization ideas will show you that using trays and racks in the cabinets can make the most of the available space. Perhaps you have a rack that allows for double stacks of plates. Or you could have a tray with all of your commonly used spices. Keep it in the cabinet hidden away when not in use. Then easily pull it out with everything you need while cooking. 

2. The Food Container Organization Hack

Using clear food containers makes it easy to see what’s inside and find what you need. Glass containers like the Buydeem Airtight Glass Storage Jar or the Buydeem Glass Food Container Package are perfect for this. They are made from FDA-approved food-grade materials that are free from toxins. This ensures your food remains safe and healthy for your family to consume. 

Glass is also a durable material, so you don’t have to worry about your containers degrading over time. The easy push-button lid helps to create a secure seal and is easy to release with one hand. This makes them easier to use than traditional Tupperware and also easy to clean. 

3. Master Pantry Organization With On The Door Storage

Similar to cabinet storage, the space just behind your pantry door often goes unused. Make your pantry organization easier by using a rack on the backside of your pantry door. There are easy-to-install options that simply hook over the top of the door. 

Choose one with several shelves. You can fill them with spice jars and small bottles that typically get lost on the larger pantry shelves. For a neat and uniform look, move your spice from the store-bought jars into Buydeem Glass Food Container jars. 

4. Use Uniform Containers For Spices 

Buying spices results in a mish-mash of different sized and shaped jars. These are the worst jars for storing your spices because they aren’t airtight. This means your spices will go stale faster than they should. Replace these jars with Buydeem Glass Food Containers

These small stackable jars are uniform in shape, have dual-ring sealing, and are made from high-quality materials. They are a perfect small kitchen organization hack because they will take up less room than the jars your spices come in. You can arrange them on a hanging rack, a shelving unit, behind your cabinet door, the backside of your pantry door, or on a tray in your cabinet. 

5. Use Roll-Out Cabinet And Pantry Shelves And Baskets

Nothing is worse than getting on your hands and knees as you dig around in the back of a cabinet. It’s uncomfortable and dark. Make more use of your lower cabinets by installing roll-out cabinet shelves and racks. These racks and baskets come in a range of sizes. 

Mini kitchen organization racks are perfect for your small bottles and spices. A medium-sized rack will comfortably hold small appliances and Buydeem Airtight Glass Storage Jars. A Buydeem Glass Food Container Package comes with a range of container sizes, letting you make the most of your roll-our rack. A large rolling shelf is perfect for holding your countertop appliances. 

6. Organize Items With File Folders And Baskets

Respect your recipe collection by organizing it in a file folder system. This keeps your collection looking nice and neat. You can also use a file tab system to label and organize them. This makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. You’ll also find yourself cooking a wider variety of meals since most people only remember what they have when they can see it. You can then arrange your file folder box as a part of your cabinet or pantry organization. 

7. Use Nesting Bowls, Pans, and Pots

Mixing bowls, pots, pans, and Tupperware are all items that come in a set and take up a large amount of space. It’s essential to reduce the required storage space when addressing small kitchen organizations. Replace individual mixing bowls with a set that nests inside each other. 

Purchase a rack for the pot lids. Then next, the pots within each other. Place another rack in the cabinet for your pans. This reduces the footprint required for the storage of your pots and pans. 

8. Use Clear Containers In The Fridge

Your fridge can become crowded and cluttered with containers, fruits, and vegetables. Items get pushed to the back and forgotten about for months. Before you know it, there is expired packaged food and rotten produce. Start by emptying your fridge and giving it a good cleaning. Then throw away anything that’s expired. 

Use clear bins to organize your produce. Keep similar foods together for compact and organized storage. Use other bins for small packaged items, such as cheese sticks, yogurt, apple sauce, and individually packaged drinks. Clear bins and jars make it easy to see what’s in each container. 

Use jars for produce that is cut and prepped, such as celery, carrots, or cucumbers. The Buydeem Airtight Glass Storage Jars are perfect for this. They lock in freshness and prevent leaks with the airtight seal. The high borosilicate glass is durable to withstand temperature changes, making them safe for use in the refrigerator. The large mouth opening makes it easy to fill with a wide range of food items. 

If you have cut vegetables, the Buydeem Glass Food Containers are perfect for holding a single item. This keeps your cut tomatoes, onion, and anything else fresh for your next meal. The bevel-shaped lids make it easy to stack your containers, so they take up less room in your fridge. 

9. Add Small Shelves To The Backs Of Cabinet Doors

One popular small kitchen organization hack is to use the dead space in your cabinets. The easiest dead space to use is on the backside of your cabinet doors. Mount small shelves, brackets, or hooks on the backside of your cabinet doors. Then use them to organize small items. You could keep your spaces, cooking utensils, or small bottles here. 

10. Add Hooks To Hang Commonly Used Items 

Small kitchen organization means looking for ways to declutter your counters. This helps to make the kitchen look larger and gives you more countertop workspace. Mount hooks on the wall and hang cooking utensils, pots, pans, or anything that has a loop. 

If you have the wall space, mount a pegboard, and then you can hang multiple hooks as you need them. This is also a good place for organizing your spices and other dry goods. Hang a basket that you can place your Buydeem Glass Food Containers in. 

Put these kitchen organization hacks to use in your kitchen by buying your own Buydeem Glass Food Containers and Buydeem Airtight Glass Storage Jars.

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