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10 Healthy Toast Ideas for Breakfast (Toaster) - BuydeemUS

10 Healthy Toast Ideas for Breakfast (Toaster)

Summer is over, and it’s time to head back to school. This means that the morning routine gets hectic again, and your children get ready for a day of learning, and you prepare to head to the office. Getting back into a normal routine should also include a healthy breakfast. Eating something filling and nutritious in the morning sets you up for a successful day. 

Lack of Time Shouldn’t Mean Lack of Breakfast 

You’re probably too busy to cook a five-course breakfast. That’s ok; save those for brunch on Sunday. Look for healthy breakfast options that you can prepare quickly and enjoy while on the go. Skip the microwave options that become soggy and chewy. Say no to boring old cold cereal that becomes soggy. These breakfast options tend to be loaded with processed sugar and preservatives. Instead, get back to using your pop-up toaster in a healthy way. There are plenty of healthy breakfast recipes that feature fresh ingredients. 

The Buydeem Toaster Collection 

Making delicious toaster recipes turn out better when you have a high-quality bread toaster. The Buydeem Toaster Collection will impress you with its vintage-inspired styling, high-quality construction, and innovative features. There are two and four-slice bread toaster options, so you are sure to find the right size toaster for your family. 

Attractive Styling

Choose from cozy greenish, mellow yellow, or classic stainless steel for the color of your toaster. Each toaster is made from rust-resistant and durable food-grade stainless steel. The vintage-inspired styling brings a fresh perspective to this toaster that harkens back to the days of diners and carhops. The oversized controls on the front add to the toaster’s design. 

Wide Slots 

The extra-wide slots on this bread toaster give you more functionality. Toast thin and thick bread slices, English muffins, and bagels with ease. The large tab on the front makes it easy to raise your toasted bread and avoid getting burnt. The extra wide slots make it easier to use a brush to clear away any crumbs that are stuck in the heating elements. Keeping your toaster clear of crumbs prevents burning crumbs that are a fire risk and contaminate the taste of your toast. 

User Friendly 

Large controls on the front make it simple and easy to choose your preferred doneness setting. The four-slice bread toaster has two sets of independent controls, so everyone can get the level of toasting they want. A large dial helps you choose from seven shades settings. There are also preset buttons for bagels, muffins, defrost, reheat, and cancel. 

Easy to Clean

Each pair of slots has a removable crumb tray. Slide the tray out from the back of the toaster and quickly remove the crumbs. Wipe down the smooth outer surface to remove any dust or grease that may get on your toaster while cooking. 

Tasty Toaster Recipe

Check out these toaster recipes and enjoy a quick and healthy breakfast with your bread toaster. Stick your bread slices in a pop-up toaster and let your breakfast cook while you continue to get ready. There are healthy recipes to suit everyone’s taste preferences, from sweet to savory. 

1. Hummus and Cucumber Toast

This savory breakfast recipe is perfect for those who don’t enjoy super sweet foods first thing in the morning. Spread a layer of hummus on the toast and then place sliced cucumbers on top. Season with salt and pepper or everything bagel seasoning. 

2. Nut Butter and Chocolate Chip Toast

If you love chocolate, then try this delicious toaster recipe. Spread your nut butter of choice onto your toast. This could be the classic peanut or something more creative like cashew or almond. Then add dark chocolate chips. Choosing darker chocolate will keep the sugar content down. For a little extra crunch, sprinkle hemp or chia seeds on top. 

3. Avocado Egg Toast

Loaded with good fats, this healthy recipe uses avocado and eggs. Toast your bread to your desired level, and then arrange thin slices of avocado on top. Fry an egg for each slice of toast you are preparing. Over easy is nice because the yolk will be runny and perfect for soaking up with the toast. 

4. Avocado Chickpea Toast

If you prefer a vegan version of the previous healthy recipe, try replacing the eggs with chickpeas. Instead of slices, mash the avocado to create a thick layer for the chickpeas to stick to. Cook the chickpeas by roasting them in a frying pan or in the oven. They should have a satisfying crunch when they are ready. 

5. Cinnamon French Toast

This breakfast recipe is an easy twist on a classic breakfast dish. Choose a thicker slice of bread and pop it in your bread toaster. Spread butter on one side. Sprinkle the toast with a cinnamon and sugar mixture. Sizzle with a bit of syrup. 

6. Avocado Toast With Honey And Pistachios

This healthy recipe makes it easy to load up on healthy fats. Mash your avocados and spread them on the toasted bread. For example, add on the toast. Sprinkle it with crushed pistachio nuts. They should be broken up into bits without being too small or large. Drizzle with honey. 

7. Strawberry, Avocado, And White Cheddar Toast

Elevate your breakfast with this toaster recipe. Stick your bread in a pop-up toaster. Spread mashed avocado on your toasted bread and top with sliced strawberries. Then add pieces of sharp cheddar cheese. Complete your creation with a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of sea salt. 

8. Apple And Honey Peanut Butter Toast

Enjoy a fall-inspired healthy breakfast with a slice of whole-grain bread, peanut butter, apples, and honey. Toast the bread in your bread toaster and spread a layer of your favorite nut butter. Slice your apple into thin slices and layer them on top of the nut butter. Finish with a drizzle of honey. 

9. Scrambled Egg Toast

Take your traditional breakfast and turn it into a healthy breakfast that’s perfect for being on the go. Get your bread ready in your pop-up toaster while cooking your eggs. Scramble eggs and feta cheese together until the eggs are cooked. Butter the toast and pile the scrambled eggs on top. Garnish with parsley or dill. 

10. Banana Toast with Granola and Honey

As with other breakfast recipes on this list, start with your favorite nut butter. Arrange banana slices on top. Then sprinkle granola over the bananas. Finish with a drizzle of honey for an extra touch of sweetness. 

Healthy Breakfast Alternatives to Traditional Ingredients 

Instead of preparing your toaster recipe with bread, try substituting the bread for a slice of sweet potato. This gives your breakfast a hearty taste and filling effect in your stomach. It also delivers more complex carbs and less refined sugar than bread. 

Try sprinkling everything bagel seasoning on your toast. You get all of the flavors of this classic bagel without all of the calories. Use other seasonings to add variety to your breakfast. Add chili powder or smoked paprika for a spicy kick. 

Instead of using store-bought jelly or jam that’s loaded with processed sugar, try using fresh fruit. You still get a touch of sweetness, but more naturally. 

Ensure everyone has a great start to their new normal routine by preparing them a healthy breakfast with the


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