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Pour Over vs. Drip Coffee (Pour Over Coffee) - BuydeemUS

Pour Over Coffee vs. Drip Coffee

Wine is famous for being a fine beverage that varies greatly with complex flavor profiles. However, people have begun to discover that coffee beans are similar to grapes. Where they are grown, how they are processed, and the preparation method directly affects the final beverage you will enjoy. The pour over coffee method has quickly become the preparation method of choice for those who consider themselves a connoisseur of coffee. 

If you haven’t considered using the pour over coffee method, then this ultimate guide will show you why it is considered by many to make the best coffee. 

Why Pour Over Coffee Is Trending

The pour over coffee brewing method is not new. It dates back to 1908 when Melitta Bentz in Germany came up with the idea. Americans began to lose interest when the French press and electric drip coffee makers became more prevalent. Pour over coffee drippers have recently gained popularity as artisan coffee shops have become more prevalent. These specialty shops treat coffee in a similar manner as fine wine. They focus on the importance of sourcing high-quality coffee beans, roasting technique, and brewing methods. As people learn to appreciate this new approach to coffee, they want to practice these craftsman techniques at home. The pour-over coffee method can be achieved at home with a single-serve coffee cup dripper. These small-batch coffee makers enable people to enjoy a crafted cup of coffee at home. They can seek out specialty roasts and unique flavor profiles. 

The Difference Between Drip Coffee and Pour Over Coffee 

The basic function of drip and pour over coffee makers is basically the same. Hot water gets added to the coffee grounds, it steeps, and then the water gets separated from the grounds. This is about where the similarities end. Variables like water flow speed, brew time, and filtering method can be very different. A drip coffee maker leaves very little room for error. As long as you follow the directions and use the same ratio of coffee grounds to water, you will make a consistent coffee cup. The drawback to this is that there is no opportunity for adjustment or customization. 

Unlike drip coffee makers, pour over coffee makers give you plenty of opportunities for customization. You can use hot or cold water to make your coffee cup. You have complete control over what temperature you heat the water to. You can also control how fast you add the water to the grounds. By adjusting the temperature, taste, texture, and strength of the brew, you can create the perfect cup of coffee for your tastebuds. However, with all of this customization comes a greater risk of error. You must be diligent with your measurements or you will never get a consistent coffee cup. 

Why Pour Over Coffee Brews the Best Coffee

Pour over coffee is considered the best coffee because people can enjoy a coffee cup that is perfectly tailored to them. Considering something “the best coffee” is incredibly subjective, which is why the pour over method with its flexibility is the best option. People who love a rich and hearty dark roast can adjust the water temperature and ratio to best suit this bold flavored coffee. For others, they prefer a light and refreshing blond roast. This requires a different brewing temperature and grounds to water ratio. Even the rate of pour can affect the flavor. Pour at the perfect rate to produce the best balance of flavor strength. 

The pour over coffee method doesn't take any more time than an electric drip coffee maker. This means you can have a better quality coffee cup in the same amount of time. In addition, the actual dripper that is used when preparing drip coffee is small. This makes it portable, enabling you to enjoy a cup of coffee anywhere. You can’t do this with an electric drip coffee maker. 

Most pour over drippers are made from durable materials like stainless steel, composites, or ceramic. You can bump them, and they won’t break. They are also nonporous materials, so you don’t want to worry about them leeching flavors. The basic construction of the dripper and filter also makes it easier to clean. You can’t easily take apart an entire drip coffee maker every time you use it. With cleaner tools, you have a purer taste for each cup of coffee. It also prevents a buildup of scum and bacteria, making them safer to use. 

Benefits of the Buydeem Pour Over Coffee Set 

The Buydeem Pour Over Coffee set makes it possible to enjoy the best coffee no matter where you are. Its compact and lightweight design means you can bring it with you and use it anywhere. The durable borosilicate glass is heat resistant and durable against damage. The dripper is made from durable silicone that won’t warp or crack with use. Even beginners can use this pour over coffee set thanks to the measurements listed on the cup and dripper. Place the silicone dripper on top of the cup with the stainless steel inside. Measure and add your coffee grounds and then slowly add the hot water. When finished, place the dripper on the included base. This keeps your counters neat by catching any stray drips. 

Reduced Waste

Traditional pour over coffee drippers use a paper filter. These filters are wafer-thin and ideal for effectively trapping the coffee grounds while allowing the water to drip through at a steady rate. The problem with paper filters is that they are a one-time-use item. This requires you to use a new one every time you want to brew a cup of coffee. A better option is the Buydeem Pour Over Coffee Set with its food-grade stainless steel filter. It has a double layer of ultra-fine mesh to filter the water while effectively catching the coffee grounds. The stainless steel is washable so that you can use it repeatedly. It also won’t take on flavors, so you can safely use your dripper for preparing coffee and tea without fear of flavor contamination. 

Ease-of-Use For Beginners

Traditional pour over coffee drippers can be difficult to use. Several elements go into crafting a pour over coffee cup. Many beginners find the process intimidating. Thankfully, the Buydeem Pour Over Coffee Set makes it simple to brew a pour over coffee cup. There are large and easy-to-read measurements for the dripper and coffee cup. This makes it simple to determine the best ratio of water to coffee for your preferences. 

Sleek Styling

The sleek styling of the Buydeem Pour Over Coffee Set helps it to blend beautifully into any kitchen or office. It comes in the three soft colors of cozy greenish, ink grey, and orange vivid. The gentle cone shape and wide base give the dripper an elegant style that perfectly fits the minimalist glass mug. The dripper has a subtle scalloped design that gives it an elegant and subtle shape. The base for the dripper is perfectly paired to support the ripper while catching any stray drips. You can easily keep the base on your kitchen counter, breakfast table, or desk at the office. Its low-profile design makes it look like a coaster. 

Start enjoying the best coffee easily and quickly with your own Buydeem Pour Over Coffee Set.

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