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Budget Kitchen Ideas - BuydeemUS

Budget Kitchen Ideas

If you've always hated your kitchen decor, you aren't alone. Many people buy their home with the idea that the kitchen will eventually get a makeover or remodel. For many people, this major home improvement project is years away or never quite happens. If you’re stuck with a kitchen that you don’t love and a small budget, you still have hope. 

Small changes to the kitchen countertop or cabinets can make a big impact. You don't need a large budget to make each change. Over time, you can transform your kitchen into a beautiful space that you love to be in. 

Small Changes Make a Big Difference 

The right small changes can make a big impact on the kitchen decorating. Instead of ripping all of the cabinets off the wall, you could simply paint them and replace the hardware. Tearing out the current tile is tedious and expensive, you could lay a vinyl or laminate flooring over it.  Removing a wall or adding a window is expensive. Painting the walls a lighter color and changing the lighting can brighten up the space and is more affordable. 

Sometimes it isn’t the kitchen that looks bad. It’s the items in the kitchen that are bringing down its look. The Buydeem Toaster Collection is a colorful and sophisticated countertop appliances collection that will transform the look of your kitchen. Spread them out throughout your kitchen for a cohesive look and pops of color throughout. 

Spice Things Up With Colorful Countertop Appliances

You don’t need to make any structural or permanent changes to your kitchen decor. You can make a big impact with your kitchen decorating by changing out your countertop appliances. Get rid of the boring stainless steel and choose a set with color. 

The Buydeem Toaster Collection is a beautiful set of countertop appliances that will inject color into your kitchen decor. The soft cozy greenish color is a delicate accent that will add depth and layers to your kitchen without overpowering the rest of your kitchen decorating efforts. Combine this with the vintage inspired design and you have a beautiful set of countertop appliances that will be the perfect addition to your kitchen decor. 

Update Your Lighting 

Outdated lighting ages your kitchen in multiple ways. The first is the light fixture itself. Change out your light fixtures to highlight the rest of your kitchen decorating. Choose a fixture that has a modern style with clean design. Change out the flush mount, pendants, and fluorescent fixtures. 

Once you change the fixture, replace your old fluorescent bulbs with warm LED bulbs. These are an energy efficient upgrade and an opportunity to change the lumens and temperature of the light. You should have three light sources in your kitchen, ambient, task, and accent. Ambient lighting is the light fixture that illuminates the entire kitchen. A bright white daylight type of light is the best option for this light source. Task lighting is focused light that’s directed on a specific work surface. You can choose a bright and slightly warmer light for these fixtures. Accent lighting is decorative lighting and is typically softer and less bright. You could add LED strip lights along the kickplate, under your wall cabinets, or inside glass front cabinets. 

Change Your Cabinet Hardware

Did you know you can take off the knobs and handles that are on your kitchen cabinets? Replacing them is an affordable and easy option for updating the look of your kitchen. Hardware trends come and go, so it’s likely that the cabinet hardware you currently have is outdated. All you need is a screwdriver to remove the old and install the new hardware. 

Consider the style of your home, the color of your cabinet, and your kitchen countertop when choosing your new hardware. Choose a brushed gold or polished steel that will compliment the hues and tones in the other materials throughout the kitchen. You could also choose something fun and colorful for a bohemian touch to the kitchen. 

Update Your Backsplash

Large statement backsplashes are a modern trend that is easily accomplished in your kitchen decorating. You’ll want to expand the backsplash so that it starts at the kitchen’s countertop and extends all the way up to the bottom of the wall cabinets. You can also continue it up to the ceiling in areas where there are no cabinets. 

Use peel and stick tile for a simple and affordable DIY project. These tiles come in a wide range of colors and materials. A mirror tile will give your kitchen a modern look. Metal subway tiles are a perfect blend of vintage and modern. Painted or patterned tiles can give your kitchen a colorful and creative feel. To prevent everything from becoming too matched, choose a color that will offset the kitchen countertop and kitchen appliances you plan to use. 

Paint Your Cabinets 

If you have experience with home projects, then you can tackle a more extensive project with the cabinets. Natural wood cabinets can easily transform by sanding off a stain to make them lighter or adding a stain to make them darker. You could also paint them a color. White is always popular. For a modern look, paint the lower cabinet a darker color, such as hunter green or navy blue. Then paint the upper wall cabinets a lighter color, such as soft pastel grey. 

Make a bigger change to the look of your cabinets by removing the doors. This gives you an open space for displaying your kitchen decor. Add accent lighting to the inside of the cabinet to highlight this cabinet and decor. If you aren’t ready to commit to full door removal, try cutting out the middle of the door and covering it with sheer fabric or chicken wire. This gives your kitchen a farmhouse or country cottage look. 

Update Kitchen Decor 

Kitchen decorating is about more than the staple pieces. Changing the textiles and kitchen decor can change the atmosphere in your kitchen and give it a new look. Replace the kitchen towels that are hanging on your large kitchen appliances. Switch out the boring white towels for colorful ones. If you have a window in your kitchen, replace the tired and old curtains with new ones. Keep them sheer and light to maximize the amount of light coming in. 

Empty your kitchen countertops and find a new way for staying organized and arranging your countertop appliances. Add a utensil holder that can be kitchen decor while also keeping your most often used utensils handy. Place a lazy susan in a deep countertop corner for organizing spices, oils, and other cooking staples. 

Personalize With Kitchen Decorating 

While it’s smart to get kitchen decor ideas, don’t lose yourself in the transformation process. Look for ways you can add personal touches to your new kitchen decorating. Otherwise, you risk having a kitchen that’s impersonal and not a reflection of your family. The kitchen is a central room in the house, so it should feel like home. 

Add pictures of the people who are most important to you. Arrange frames of your pets. Hang art that you made on the walls. Display your collection of knick knacks on a floating shelf. 

Upgrade your kitchen by applying these kitchen decor ideas. Start your kitchen’s transformation with the Buydeem Toaster Collection.

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