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Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Toaster - BuydeemUS

Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Toaster

You are in the middle of making breakfast, and you start to smell something burning. It isn't the eggs or bacon, so it must be the toast. You frantically hit the cancel button and grab the bread from your pop-up toaster. The bread doesn't look burnt, but smoke is coming from the slot. This is a clear sign that your toaster is long overdue for a cleaning. 

This guide will give you several maintenance tips so that you always have a clean toaster that's ready for service. 

Gently Shake Out Loose Crumbs

Start by gently shaking the crumbs out of your pop-up toaster. You can do this over your kitchen sink or trash can. Turn the toaster upside down and give it a shake. Tilt and turn the toaster as you’re shaking to allow all of the crumbs to drop down and out through the slots. 

Clean Toaster Crumb Trays Weekly

High quality bread toasters have crumb trays in the bottom. Look on the side or rear of the toaster along the bottom for the tray’s edge. You’ll slide the tray out and toss the crumbs that have gathered on it. If the tray needs it, you can give it a wash in the sink with hot, soapy water. 

The Buydeem 4-Slice Toaster Cozy Greenish DT-6B83G has two trays that easily slide out from the back of the toaster. The elegantly shaped edge on the trays make it easy to glide them out and back in. 

Use A Brush To Remove Stuck Crumbs

Sometimes, the maintenance tip of shaking the pop-up toaster isn’t enough to remove all of the crumbs. A soft pastry or paint brush will help you remove the stuck on crumbs. When the toaster is cooled, stick the brush in the slot and gently knock the crumbs loose from the metal wires. 

The Buydeem 4-Slice Toaster Cozy Greenish DT-6B83G makes this step easy because it has extra wide slots. This creates more space for you to get in there and maneuver the brush.

Wipe The Outside Of Your Bread Toaster

The final care tip for your toaster is to wipe down the outside of it. When you leave your bread toaster out on the kitchen counter, it can get covered in food particles and grease. Use a soft cloth and warm soapy water to restore it’s clean shine. 

Upgrade your bread toaster with one that’s easier to clean. The Buydeem 4-Slice Toaster Cozy Greenish DT-6B83G will look beautiful on your kitchen’s countertop and be easy to take care of.

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