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DIY Kitchen Color Schemes and Paint Ideas - BuydeemUS

DIY Kitchen Color Schemes and Paint Ideas

White kitchens are at the top of kitchen color trends and have been for decades. But white kitchens can feel cold and stale. They tend to lack vibrancy, warmth, and life. This is the exact opposite of what you want for the room in your home where people gather the most. Choose a kitchen color scheme as a part of your kitchen remodel. The right combination of colors can evoke feelings and change your mood. You can also use color to create optical illusions in your kitchen, making it feel bigger, taller, and brighter. 

This guide will show you how to choose the right kitchen color scheme for your kitchen. 

Soft vs. Vibrant Contrasts

Pale and soft colors are popular among modern kitchen color trends. These gentle colors are light and bright colors and add softness to an all white kitchen. They also keep the kitchen design feeling bright and welcoming. Light colors also pair well with a wide variety of kitchen decor ideas. The drawback of pale or soft colors is that they can be a bit bland or boring. They can also look juvenile if the wrong color is chosen. 

If you like pale colors, but aren’t ready to commit to your entire kitchen being a pastel color, then consider keeping your kitchen neutral with white, grey, or beige. Then you can add pops of pastel color on your countertop. Place a Buydeem Instant Temperature Water Boiler in pink or a Buydeem Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven in cozy greenish, petal purple, or whale blue. 

Vibrant kitchen colors are bold, adding a sense of energy and life to your kitchen. They also make a strong statement, so be sure to be fully committed to the color before overhauling your entire kitchen design. To soften the look of the vibrant color, think about how much of it you plan to use in your kitchen. Smaller kitchens can look overwhelming when there’s too much of a vibrant color. It can also be harder to pair your vibrant color with the other colors and materials in the kitchen. 

Cabinet Colors

Your cabinets take up a lot of visual space in the kitchen. Because of this, it’s important to choose the right kitchen color for them. The color you choose can change the entire look and feel of your kitchen remodel. For example, choose a darker wall color and a lighter cabinet color and you give the illusion of your kitchen being bigger than it really is. Choose a dark cabinet color when there isn’t enough light and it can close in your entire kitchen. 

Look at modern decor ideas for creative ways of using more than one color for your cabinets. Choose a kitchen color scheme, such as navy blue, grey, and white. Then you can paint the walls grey, the upper cabinets white, and the lower cabinet dark blue. The slightly darker walls help them to sink back, while the darker lower cabinets keep the weight of the room low. This kitchen design lets you embrace a bold color for your cabinets without closing your kitchen in or making it too dark.  

Countertop Colors 

The best countertop colors are natural ones. This is because natural materials are the most durable against the daily abuse the countertops experience. Coordinate your countertop color with the cabinet color. A dark color for both will create a very dark overall effect and only look good in a kitchen with plenty of light. The best option is to choose a light color for one and dark for the other. This creates balance. 

Stone countertops are popular because they feature a variation in color. This creates more dimension and visual interest for your kitchen design. It also adds a natural element to the kitchen remodel. Choose the right stone, and it can add value and elegance to your kitchen. 

Choosing white for your countertops creates the perfect neutral background for your kitchen appliances. The Buydeem Collection of countertop appliances can add pops of color throughout your kitchen in warm, mellow yellow, fashionable cozy green, petal purple, and whale blue. You could choose appliances in different colors or have them all match in the same color. 

Buydeem Product Colors

The Buydeem countertop appliances come in beautiful color options that are the perfect addition to your kitchen remodel. They can add a touch of color to your neutral kitchen. Or you could add softness and warmth to an all-white kitchen. Darker kitchens benefit from the pale-colored countertop appliances by brightening up your kitchen design

The mellow yellow is anything but dull with its warm hues and soft glow. It’s a yellow that has bright lightness without looking too garish or reminiscent of a school bus. Pair your yellow countertop appliance with natural woods, white, grey, sage green, rust, clay, or blue. 

The fashionable cozy green is like a combination of mint and moss for a beautiful and versatile color. Add countertop appliances in this nature-inspired color for a calming touch to your kitchen design. Pair your cozy green appliances with grey, white, pink, blue, brown, and beige. 

If you’re looking for something different, then try the unique color created by Buydeem, petal purple. This is the perfect color for adding a creative and spiritual touch to your kitchen. Pair your purple countertop appliances with charcoal grey, mauve, brown, or teal. 

Blue is an in-demand color right now, thanks to kitchen color trends. Buydeem’s whale blue shade lets you add touches of blue to your kitchen. Thanks to its light color, it will look beautiful with darker shades of blue, light and dark shades of grey, white, yellow, and green. 

If you’ve already chosen a color for your kitchen cabinets and countertops, you may not want to add more color with your countertop appliances. This is when you should choose classic modern stainless steel. The crisp metal adds another light-reflecting surface without competing with the other kitchen colors. Adding stainless steel countertop appliances can make sense when the other larger appliances are also stainless steel. This creates a cohesive look throughout the kitchen. 

Benefits of Banding

Banding is the edging that is on your cabinets and countertops. It gives both a finished and polished look. You’ll appreciate the crisp corners and smooth edges. The banding also protects your countertops and cabinets from wear and tear. It creates an extra barrier on the edge where people bump into them the most. 

Kitchen Decor Themes 

It can help to pick from kitchen decor ideas before you try to choose colors. This can narrow down your options and help you create a cohesive look from the kitchen remodel to the decor. A farmhouse decor theme or French countryside theme will look beautiful with pale colors. Scandinavian designs embrace the light and neutral colors. Pair your pale-colored appliances with light woods and plenty of white. Minimalist kitchens have a less is more approach. This theme looks best with shades of black, white, and grey. Industrial kitchens embrace colors that tend to look a bit gritty and are more often seen in commercial settings. Stainless steel appliances make the most sense in these two kitchen designs.

Add touches of color to your kitchen design with the


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