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How Do I Decorate My Kitchen? - BuydeemUS

How Do I Decorate My Kitchen?

Decorating your kitchen is about creating a space in your home that is a reflection of you, your family, and your lifestyle. Look for kitchen decor ideas that appeal to you. They should make sense with your home and kitchen’s design. A rustic country farmhouse kitchen would look out of place in an architecturally ultra modern home. If you love to cook, you wouldn’t be happy with all of the cabinets removed and minimal floating shelves. 

These kitchen decor ideas will help you find the perfect kitchen design for your home. 

Kitchen Decor Ideas Are Surprisingly Affordable

You don’t have to spend a lot to decorate your kitchen. There are plenty of affordable kitchen decor ideas. Changing the hardware on your kitchen cabinets will transform their look and not require a large budget. Laying down a large area rug can cover up an ugly floor while adding color to your kitchen. Painting the walls a bright and cheery color can freshen up the feel of your kitchen. 

Replacing your countertop appliances with more colorful ones can give your kitchen design some personality. Instead of having the same generic white or black toaster, kettle, and steamer, you could have a sophisticated design and unique color. 

Painting your cabinets and replacing the doors can transform the look of your entire kitchen. Start by looking at kitchen design ideas for color inspiration. A bright white is clean but plain. A soft grey is modern looking and on-trend. Painting your wall cabinets a light color and your lower cabinets a dark color will add dimension and interest to your kitchen. Deep blue or green are both popular colors. At the same time, give your cabinets an upgrade. Add glass panels, decorative cutouts, or a painted design. You could also remove the door entirely for an open design that helps your kitchen to feel larger. 

Add Floating Shelves To Change Your Kitchen Design

Floating shelves have been a popular kitchen design in recent years. While some people fully commit to the idea and take all of their cabinets down. You don’t have to go to this extreme. Instead, look for an empty wall in your kitchen and add one to three floating shelves. You can then use them to try out different kitchen decor ideas without sacrificing your storage space. If you have enough space, you could install large floating shelves that are big enough for your countertop appliances. 

When choosing your floating shelves, consider how they look and how easy they are to keep clean. Wood shelves look beautiful, but they also can harbor bacteria and dust. Stainless steel is the easiest to keep clean but can make your kitchen look industrial or commercial. 

The standard method for mounting floating shelves is to install them directly on the wall. This isn’t your only option though, thread rope or cable through it and hang the shelves from the ceiling. 

Change Up Your Kitchen Countertop 

Your kitchen countertop takes a beating. It also takes up a lot of visual space. This means that an outdated, old, or worn-out countertop can make your entire kitchen look worse. Updating or replacing your countertops can refresh the look of your kitchen. Then you have a new background for your kitchen appliances and other decor ideas. 

If you have linoleum counters, you can paint them. Another option is to cover your existing counters with something new, such as metal or a wood veneer. Tile countertops are another outdated feature that presents a unique challenge. The tile is expensive to remove, so your best option is to use decals or tile tattoos. They won’t completely cover the tile but can update the look of your kitchen countertop. 

If you have a larger budget, you can completely replace your countertop. Butcher block is an extremely hard and durable wood that makes the perfect farmhouse or Scandinavian counter. However, for an upscale kitchen design, consider upgrading your kitchen countertop to granite or marble. This natural stone adds texture and color to your kitchen. It also creates the perfect neutral background for your countertop appliances. 

DIY Kitchen Decor Ideas 

Creating your own DIY kitchen decor is easy with a little effort and creativity. You could turn a pallet into a planter for succulents or herbs. This creates a functional decoration that will freshen the air in your kitchen while providing you with flavorful herbs for your cooking. Create kitchen-themed art with vintage and antique items. Create wall decor with framed vintage silverware. Paint designed on glass mason or canning jars. 

Another smart idea is to turn your decor into functional pieces. A vintage hanging scale can be your fresh produce basket or a place to store fresh herbs. A pegboard gives you a place to hang pots, pans, utensils, and decorative items. A painted cork board can be a decorative design while also serving as a place for posting notes or hanging small items. Painting a wall with chalkboard paint is a blank canvas for creativity, grocery notes, menus, or family schedules. 

Add Pops Of Color With Countertop Appliances 

Sometimes you don’t have the space for additional decor. Perhaps you appreciate the minimalist look and have the space but want to keep the kitchen design minimal. If either of these is the case in your kitchen, then focus on using your countertop appliances as the decor. Look for appliances that are both functional and beautiful. Skip the boring plain white or overused stainless steel and opt for appliances with color. 

The Buydeem Toaster Collection is a perfect example of this decor idea. The Buydeem Cozy Greenish color scheme is perfect for your countertop appliances. The four-slice toaster features a vintage-inspired design in a soft pale green. It also comes with all of the modern and innovative features you could want. There are two and four slot options that have extra-wide slots for toasting versatility. Choose from seven darkness shades and have the ability to reheat, defrost, and cancel. 

Add Wallpaper To Open Cabinets 

Adding colorful wallpaper to your open cabinets or shelving to bring life to your kitchen. This adds an unexpected pop of color and texture to your kitchen design. This decor idea is perfect if you have removed your cabinet doors or have cabinets with glass fronts. Choose a bright or light-colored wallpaper for a refreshing feel. A dark wallpaper will make your cabinets look a bit like a black hole. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but generally isn’t the look that most people are going for. 

Makeover Your Kitchen Countertop Backsplash 

If the wall behind your kitchen countertop is painted, then you have a prime spot for adding a personal touch to your kitchen design. Adding a decorative backsplash can add depth, color, and texture to your kitchen. Of course, the simplest decor idea is to repaint.

If you want to make a bigger impact, then you can add tile or wall stickers. You’ll find them in a wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and designs. Simply cut them to size and adhere them to the wall. The more you add, the bigger of an impact they will make. 

Change up your kitchen design with these kitchen decor ideas and with the Buydeem Toaster Collection in the beautiful cozy greenish.

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