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How to Steam Food? - BuydeemUS

How to Steam Food? ( Food Steamer )

What if you could feed you and your baby the highest quality food that’s loaded with nutrients and tastes delicious? If you knew how to steam baby food then this could be a reality for you. 

Using a steamer to prepare your meals helps your food to retain minerals, vitamins, and all of the vital nutrients that we need to stay healthy. You’ll be able to taste the difference as the freshness and moisture stay locked in the food. Even your kitchen will stay cleaner as you don’t need fat or oils during the cooking process. 

This quick guide will show you how to steam food. 

How to Steam Baby Food?

There are two methods of steaming, low and high pressure. Low pressure is the traditional method and can be done with indirect or direct steaming. The direct method places the food directly over the boiling water while the indirect method places the food between two plates. It’s called low pressure because the steam can escape during the cooking process. 

The high pressure method doesn’t allow the steam to escape. Because of this, the cooking time is greatly reduced. The Buydeem All in One Steamer is a perfect example of this. 

With either method you’ll add water in one compartment and your food in another. The water will heat up and turn into steam. You’ll leave the food in the steam to cook until done. Once ready, remove the food and serve. If you’re preparing baby food, you’ll wait for the food to cool and then blend it until smooth. 

How Steaming Works 

Steaming works to cook your food because the boiling water turns into steam. The hot steam carries the heat to your food. Unlike boiling, your food isn’t submerged in the water, which helps the food to retain its nutrients because there’s no leaching. 

The cooking process is faster with steaming because the steam surrounds the food and cooks it from all sides. The food doesn’t move around during the cooking process, making it gentler than other cooking methods. This makes it a better option for delicate foods like flaky fish. 

Best Foods for Steaming 

You can cook a wide range of foods in your steamer. Fruits and vegetables are the best foods to start with as a beginner with your new steamer. These are also smart options when preparing baby food at home. 

As you gain confidence you can add seafood, eggs, and cereals to your recipe repertoire. Once you learn how to steam food you can include chicken, beef, and pork dishes. These require a bit more prep work but are well worth the nutritional benefits. 

Experience the flavor and health benefits of a steamer with your own Buydeem All in One Steamer.

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