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Pour-Over Coffee: The Beginners Guide

If you love a good cup of coffee, then it’s time to experience the best coffee cup possible. Using pour over coffee equipment helps you control every aspect of the coffee brewing process. This lets you bring out the complex flavors of the different bean varieties. 

Don’t let yourself be intimidated by this artisan approach to making coffee. All you need is user-friendly coffee equipment and a set of easy-to-follow directions. 

Why People Are Afraid Of Making Pour Over Coffee

Many people are afraid to try making pour over coffee at home because it’s perceived as a complicated process. Several variables come together to create the perfect coffee cup. Get one of them wrong, and you potentially have a coffee mug of undrinkable sludge. 

It is also viewed as a time-consuming process that requires a ton of coffee equipment. This may or may not be true, depending on the equipment you buy and the approach you take to preparing your coffee. 

All The Coffee Equipment You’ll Need 

You need more coffee equipment to prepare pour over coffee than you do with a typical drip coffee maker. To get started as a beginner, you will need a coffee cup, dripper, filter, scale, kettle, and grinder. You need a kettle so that you can heat the water. A grinder breaks down the whole beans into a finer texture, exposing more surface area of the coffee. You need the scale to measure the amount of coffee you will use. The coffee cup, dripper, and filter are the only pieces of coffee equipment that are used when brewing the actual coffee. 

Using a digital scale like the Buydeem Kettle Cooker K2973 makes getting the perfect water temperature simple and easy for beginners. You will see filters that are paper or metal. Paper is less eco-friendly because they are one-time use. If you choose metal, make sure it’s high quality so that it doesn’t impart a metal taste to your coffee. Technically, you can use any type of coffee mug. However, using one with thicker walls helps your coffee to stay warmer for longer. 

Use Pre-Ground Coffee To Skip A Step

You can save yourself time and effort by buying pre-ground coffee grounds. However, this does not mean buying prepackaged grounds that you find on the grocery store shelf. These have been ground a long time ago and are older. Coffee grounds begin releasing their flavors when they are ground, so waiting too long means you won’t get the most flavor out of them. Instead, look for a grocery store that will let you grind your chosen beans fresh before taking them home. This way, you get the best coffee without having to buy more equipment and spend longer grinding them at home. Buying in small batches also helps because you can buy fresh coffee as you need it. 

Use The Right Temperature To Avoid A Bitter Taste

When the water is too hot, it will produce a bitter coffee. For the best coffee, your water needs to be hot enough to brew but not so hot that it makes the flavor bitter. Generally, you should aim for a water temperature that is between 195 and 205 degrees Celsius. The exact temperature that you use will depend on the variety of coffee beans you use. Similar to tea leaves, different varieties produce the best coffee at different temperatures. Light roasts require the lowest temperatures, while dark roasts require the hottest. 

Because the water temperature is so important to the success of your brew, using a digital kettle is the best approach. The Buydeem Kettle Cooker K2973 is a nine in one kitchen appliance with built-in programmed temperatures. It’s simple to operate by selecting a mode and viewing the LED display. The FDA-certified materials ensure that your water doesn’t take on any unwanted flavors. The large glass kettle can hold up to six cups, giving you plenty of water for warming your coffee equipment and brewing more than one cup of coffee. 

Measure Everything Out Perfectly

Never eyeball or estimate your measurements. The most precise method is to weigh your coffee, but this isn’t the only method. You can measure your coffee to have the perfect ratio. The Buydeem Pour-Over Coffee Set Cozy Greenish is perfect for beginners because it has easy-to-read scales clearly printed on the coffee cup and dripper. The coffee dripper makes it simple to measure how many coffee grounds you need. The coffee mug shows you how much water you should add. The coffee mug even breaks down the required water into three stages, helping you get the perfectly staged pour for flavor extraction and bloom. 

Warm Your Supplies 

Warming all of your coffee equipment and coffee mug before you get started is an expert secret to crafting the best coffee with the pour-over method. The easiest way to do this is by pouring plain hot water through your coffee equipment before you brew your coffee. If your dripper requires a paper filter, this step is a must to rinse the filter and remove any flavor contaminants. 

Even if your dripper doesn’t use a paper filter, it’s smart to warm everything first. Warming your coffee equipment makes it the same or close to the same temperature as your water. That way, when you brew your coffee, the water doesn’t prematurely cool to a lower temperature than what you intended. Warming your coffee cup also helps your coffee to stay warmer for longer once it’s brewed. 

Perfect The Bloom

The bloom is what happens to the coffee grounds after you pour the water in. When your coffee grounds bloom correctly, the water penetrates the grounds on a cellular level, allowing them to release CO2. You achieve a more flavorful and balanced coffee this way. 

To correctly bloom your coffee, start pouring at the center of your dripper and work your way outward in a circular motion to the edge. Once you reach the edge, stop pouring and wait 30 seconds. Once the coffee grounds begin to bloom, continue pouring the rest of the water in the center to the outer edge circular pattern. The entire pouring process should take about three minutes to complete for light roasts and three to four minutes for dark roasts.  

Pour In Stages And Take Your Time

Pouring your hot water in stages allows the water to brew the coffee grounds without overwhelming the coffee maker. You don’t want to pour all of the water in at once and have the grounds sitting in water for too long. This creates darker and more bitter-tasting coffee. Pouring too slowly never gets the grounds wet enough to brew, creating weak flavor. Pouring in stages achieves the right brew time to create the best coffee

Use A Kit To Make It Easier

Buying a complete coffee equipment kit makes it incredibly simple and easy to get started. When you buy a kit, you know that everything is compatible and meant to work together. Otherwise, your coffee maker may not neatly and securely fit on your coffee mug. The Buydeem Pour-Over Coffee Set Cozy Greenish comes with everything you need to get started. Combine it with the Buydeem Kettle Cooker K2973, and you have the right tools to make the best coffee possible. Your kettle cooker lets you heat water to the exact desired temperature, and then the pour over coffee set makes it simple to use your hot water to make coffee. 

Enjoy the best coffee possible with your own pour over coffee equipment when you have the



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