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What Is Pour Over Coffee? - BuydeemUS

What Is Pour Over Coffee?

You’ve heard about the pour over coffee method and seen it done at the artisan and independent coffee shops. What is so special about this coffee maker, and why should you start using it? If you love coffee, you are doing yourself and your coffee a disservice with drip coffee makers. 

What Is Pour Over Coffee?

Preparing a pour over coffee seems so simple, with just a filter, funnel, and cup. However, there is more to it, with the details of the process becoming influential in the quality of your product. Pour over coffee treats the brewing process in a delicate manner, similar to tea. 

The water temperature should be hot enough to brew the grounds without being too hot. Your pour needs to be at just the right speed for the water to filter through, picking up the flavor without getting bitter. The grounds need to be the right size and texture for maximum flavor. 

Why Is Pour Over Coffee So Popular?

Unlike drip coffee makers, pour over coffee gives you complete control over the entire process. This helps you enjoy the best coffee cup possible every time. Similar to tea leaves, you can adapt your brewing process to suit the type of coffee bean you are preparing. This helps you experience the best coffee each bean variety can produce. 

Could It Be The Best Coffee?

Many argue that pour over coffee produces the best coffee because of the infinite control. However, there is a greater risk of mistakes. The more variables, the more chances there are for mistakes. To avoid this, use a pour over coffee set that takes the guesswork out of the process. The Buydeem Pour-Over Coffee Set is perfect for brewing your own pour over coffee cup at home. It streamlines the process for a simple to use coffee maker

How To Make Pour Over Coffee Without A Coffee Maker?

Start by grinding your coffee beans to a coarse texture that resembles sea salt. Measure your coffee grounds and water using the easy-to-read scales on the high borosilicate glass cup. Place the grounds in Buydeem’s food-grade silicone and stainless steel dripper and set it on the cup. Heat your water to the desired temperature and slowly pour over the coffee grounds in a spiral motion from the center outward. Let the dripper filter the water until you have the perfect coffee cup ready for drinking. 

Upgrade your coffee preparation techniques with a

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