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Kumquat Lemon Black Tea - BuydeemUS

Kumquat Lemon Black Tea

Tea, next to water is the cheapest beverage humans consume

Lemon and kumquat sold in the winter have full-bodied fragrance, which become heavier and better fused after boiled, adding a wisp of romance for the black tea.


Lemon: 3 slices, Kumquat: 5 pieces, Black tea: 10g, Rock sugar: 20g


  1. Cut kumquat in half, slice lemon, put kumquat and rock sugar into the Health-care Beverage Maker, and feed water to the water level of 1,500ml.
  2. Start the Tea mode, wait till it automatically power off, put black tea into the tea filter, and stew and soak for 1 minute.
  3. Put lemon slices into the teacup, pour into the stewed and boiled fruit tea, and soak for a while.


1. If you don’t like the sour taste of the lemon, you can add proper amount of rock sugar. 2. Do not stew the black tea inside the kettle for too long, otherwise it will turn bitter and acerbic.

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