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Water Chestnut Bamboo Cane Drink - BuydeemUS

Water Chestnut Bamboo Cane Drink

A great addition to your healthy life

Water chestnut, bamboo cane and cogongrass can nourish Yin and the throat. In the early autumn when the summer heat lingers, a bowl of water chestnut drink with bamboo cane can naturally dissipate the heat. 


Bamboo cane: 2 sections, Water chestnut: 3 pieces, Carrot: half, Cogongrass rhizome: 5 pieces, Rock sugar: 5 pieces


  1. Wash the bamboo cane and cut into 2cm segments; peel water chestnut, and cut into halves; peel and cube carrot; wash the fresh cogongrass rhizome, and shear into 3cm segments. Put all food ingredients into the Health-care Beverage Maker, and add water to the water level of 1,500ml.
  2. Start the Soup mode, and wait till it automatically power off.
  3. The stewed soup is good for drinking directly after it is cooled, or to drink after it is refrigerated.


  1. Fresh cogongrass rhizome is the best choice for the soup because it makes the soup clearer and richer.
  2. Large ingredients such as bamboo cane and carrot can be cut smaller to make the ingredients give out flavor more easily.

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