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Chrysanthemum Pu’er Tea - BuydeemUS

Chrysanthemum Pu’er Tea

Why should we drink Chrysanthemum Pu'er Tea?

Chrysanthemum can clear away internal heat and detox your body, while Pu’er is warm-natured, the combination of which can remove heat and detox your body in summer, and warm the body in winter. Meanwhile, it helps to improve blood circulation, weight control, stimulate the gut motility, and take away excessive internal heat of the body.


Chrysanthemum: 6 pieces, Pu’er tea: 5g


  1. Wash chrysanthemum slightly with clear water, put it into the Health-care Beverage Maker, and feed water to the water level of 1,500ml.
  2. Start the Tea mode, wait till it automaticaly power off, put Pu’er tea into the tea basket, put on the kettle body, and stew and soak for 1 minute.


Pu’er tea will become very fine crushed after it is opened. Therefore, it is recommended to put it inside the tea basket of the Health-care Beverage Maker so that the tea juice becomes more translucent. Moreover, long boiling of Pu’er tea will make it bitter and less tasty. It’s best to be stew and soaked.

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