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Jasmine Rose Tea - BuydeemUS

Jasmine Rose Tea

Enjoy your tea!

Roses smell sweet and pleasant, besides, they can also release your nerve. It can give you a good mood for a whole day. Jasmine, with elegant fragrance, has the effects of regulating QI and dispersing depression. The match of rose and jasmine provides suitable intensity of fragrance and brings out the best in each other.


Rose: 10 pieces, Jasmine: 15 pieces


  1. Wash roses and jasmines, put them into the Health-care Beverage Maker, and feed water to the water level of 1,500ml.
  2. Start the Tea mode, and wait till it automatically power off.


When selecting roses and jasmines, select those with larger flower buds and deep colors as much as possible so that the flower tea will have better looks and functions.

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