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Plum Soup - BuydeemUS

Plum Soup

A great addition to your day

Dried plum and dried orange peel can keep the body away from the internal heat, while hawthorn and liquorice can help with appetizing.


Plum: 100g, Dried haw slice: 100g, Shredded dried orange peel: 5 pieces, Liquorice: 5 slices, Rock sugar: 50g


  1. Wash plum, dried haw slices, liquorice and dried orange peel, put them into the Health-care beverage Maker with rock sugar, and add water to the water level of 1,500ml.
  2. Start the Boil mode, and wait till it automatically power off.
  3. After the plum syrupis made, pour it into a container which can be refrigerated, and place the container inside a refrigerator for better flavor.


  1. Replace plum with hony plum if sweeter taste is preferred. Parched hawthorn is preferred for better taste.
  2. Keep the soup bases of plum syrup after the first stew. Add equivalent rock sugar and water to stew another kettle of syrup, and the flavor is as good as the first kettle.

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