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Steamed Salmon al Papillote Recipe

Salmon al Papillote Recipe

Healthy and Delicious Recipe of Salmon al Papillote!

Healthy eating habits are essential to maintaining good health. Eating too much fried, greasy food will have a great impact on health, so try to eat less of this kind of food. To make your diet healthier, you can try steamed foods which maximize the retention of the original nutrients of food, which is good for our body.

Salmon al papillote


✓ One salmon fillet
✓ 1/2 cup brussels sprouts
✓ 1/2 of broccoli
✓ Half small red onion
✓ 1/4 of zucchini
✓ One teaspoon of sea salt
✓ One teaspoon of garlic powder
✓ Salt and pepper to taste
✓ 1 to 2 tablespoons of olive oil
✓ Two sprigs of dill



✓ Wash and cut all the vegetables

✓ Add the olive oil, salt, and spices, and mix well.

✓ Once ready, transfer the veggies and the fish to the steamer.

✓ Garnish with dill and lemon if desired.
✓ Steam for 15 or 20 minutes.
✓ Enjoy.

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